Jan 23, 2022

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Former Taifa Leo journalist dies of cardiac arrest

According to an autopsy report, Mauya died of cardiac arrest from constrictive pericarditis – a rare disease caused by inflammation of the sac-like membrane surrounding the heart.

He died in Donholm Estate.

Constrictive pericarditis shows symptoms similar to Covid-19, including difficulty breathing, fatigue and chest pain.

According to his family, Mauya, 37, who received an AstraZeneca sting, he collapsed and two weeks ago died on Monday at around 1 p.m. in front of the Jawa Wines and Spirits store, which is just a few meters from the Savannah Police Post.

Health officials in personal protective equipment suspected that the deceased might be at Covid-19 died – Arrived and fumigated the body before it was taken to the morgue of Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

The family took the body to the Chiromo morgue later that evening, where the autopsy was performed.

“I called Mauya around 2pm and the call was answered by a police officer who told me to rush to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital after I identified myself as the deceased’s brother “Said Mr. Sam Kiyaka, the brother of the deceased.

According to Mr. Kiyaka, Mauya lived with him on the Zimmerman estate for about four months.


“On Monday morning he told me that he was planning to visit his children in Donholm and later go to Nairobi CBD to buy glasses,” he said

“He left the house around 9 a.m. and we only met Reported back around 2pm when I was informed of his death by a police officer. ”

Mauya joined the Nation Media Group (NMG) in 2007, but left a year later after sponsoring it Master’s degree in International Studies, Communication and Diplomacy at the School of Oriental and African Studies ( SOAS) from the University of London.

During his time in London, Mauya was a regular contributor to Taifa Leo.

In 2012, he returned to NMG as Taifa Leo editor until he left in December 2014 to pursue others.

He has since been a columnist for Taifa Leo.

He graduated with a degree in Information Science – Publishing and Media Studies, Information technology, librarianship, record keeping and archival management – 2016 from Moi University.

NMG journalists, led by Peter Ngare, Managing Editor of Taifa Leo, described Mauya as a reliable, trustworthy, hardworking and keen journalist who knew a lot about current affairs locally and internationally.

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