Jun 13, 2021

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Free press means a more open society; let media freedom reign

His words proved correct as the media developed in the early 1920s.

During this time, journalism was limited to print media. It was only after the Second World War that other forms of media such as television and radio were introduced. The main task of the journalists was to inform the public. You acted as society’s watchdog.

Media is vital to society. Both live in a symbiotic relationship and neither can thrive without the other. Today, the world stays connected through a variety of news and entertainment media.

Media exist to highlight current events, whether positive or negative. The media have always been at the forefront of exposing vices such as corruption.

Despite the good work of journalists, their freedom is often poor.

Media freedom undermined

Kenya was one of the countries in Africa where freedom of the press has been undermined. Instead of seeing the media as eyes that help people understand society better, those in power have sometimes used this opportunity to silence journalists.

Dr. Millicent Otieno, the dean of the students of the information school, the communication and media studies at Rongo University crowned it all with the words: “The media have a responsibility to promote the holistic development of society. The dissemination of information that inspires economic, social and environmental development should not be sacrificed on the altar of sensational news. Liberate the media from economic sabotage and influence so that they can fulfill their noble role. ”

A free press benefits us all because it informs citizens and contributes to the people’s knowledge pool. It also offers citizens the opportunity to raise awareness of violations of their rights.

Maxwell Kamau and Antony Achayo are media and communications students at Rongo University.

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