Jan 23, 2022

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Fresh details of ‘tank’ kidnap emerge

Limited interactions between neighbors in many parts of Nairobi contributed to the detention of 23-year-old businesswoman Hafsa Mohamed in a house in the Soweto area.

The house is 400 meters from the police station Kayole removed.

The choice of the Kidnapper’s House, a two bedroom unit on Kayole’s sprawling estate, sparked little suspicion to their mission and helped with the partial execution before it was abandoned.

After the kidnapping, they left an exercise book with the phone number of one of their accomplices who were allegedly in Thika, with instructions to “contact this number”.

It’s the number with who demanded the ransom and are talking to the victim’s family via WhatsApp.

Ms. Mohamed was brought into the house by her kidnappers – her friend and two men – in a 270-liter water tank. The three were seen bringing the tank into their house, which had been dropped off by a black car outside.

Neighbors only remembered seeing them in the black car when they went with them that evening arrived at the tank. Kayole Criminal Investigation chief John Rioba said the police are still looking for the car.

Ransom note

Ms. Mohamed was kidnapped on June 15 before she left June 20 was saved. Her kidnappers asked her family for a ransom of Shn 5 million and had received a substantial amount in a bank account before the rescue.

She sometimes yelled for help, but her kidnappers often left loud music in the house play playing to drown out their emergency calls.

A neighbor who did not want to be named said she knew a married couple had rented the house, but she didn’t see them until the evening they saw the tank and a few other things.

“It wasn’t unusual until I heard a woman scream in the house around 3am on Sunday morning. I suspected it was a domestic argument, but woke up hours later to still hear her screaming. Just as I was thinking about what could happen, a child told us that someone from the house was calling for help. “

A Boda-Boda driver came by as neighbors were gathering around the house and it They showed a video and pictures of the woman broadcast on television reporting the abduction and the police were called in.

According to residents, Ms. Mohamed’s friend and one of her accomplices looked like one another perfect couple in love, they never suspected they were criminals.

“I thought they were a couple who had a friend helped them move into the house. They went hand in hand, ”said a water seller.

Cyrus Ndung’u Njogu is in custody at Buruburu Police Station and his accomplices, including Ms. Mohamed’s girlfriend, are still being wanted.

Reported missing

Ms. Mary Wandia from DCI’s Buruburu office managed to obtain an order from the Makadara courts to detain Mr. Njogu for 10 days. This came after she said she needed time to record the testimony of Ms. Mohamed and witnesses.

Ms. Mohamed was unable to record her testimony immediately because she was taken to a city hospital for a medical examination for the first time has been. Mr. Rioba announced she had bruises on her hands and face.

Ms. Mohamed was lured by her friend who had introduced a watermelon deal at the Kayole intersection where they met . They went and went to her friend’s house not far from the shop. She was then abducted by two men.

The caretaker of the building where Ms. Mohamed was imprisoned, identified only as Ngina, said the phone number the suspects used to call them and withdraw the money, with which they had paid rent belonged to their victim.

Ms. Mohamed’s friend was looking for the house on Friday June 11th, but she did not pay. On Tuesday June 15, she called the caretaker with Ms. Mohamed’s phone number after abducting her and inquiring about the availability of the house.

She used the victim’s phone to call in Withdraw cash at a nearby M-Pesa store. With which she and her accomplices paid the rent for the house on June 15, shortly before moving in with the water tank in which Ms. Mohamed was locked and a few other things. She also paid for tokens of electricity using the victim’s phone.

The DCI has blocked the bank account on which Ms. Mohamed’s family had deposited part of the ransom.
The police visited the woman’s house, noted, however, that she has not been seen since Ms. Mohamed was reported missing. She is still on the run.