Jun 13, 2021

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Guilty as charged: Widow plotted and executed murder of Kiru Boys principal

As the headmaster of Kiru Boys High School in Kiriani, Murang’a Country, he lived in the teacher’s quarters, usually well protected.

It was a Friday after a long week of preparation for the national school exams, when his wife Jane Muthoni came home. She was the headmistress of Icaciri Secondary School.

Unknown to Mbuthi, his wife was on a mission to end his life. As it turned out later, she had brought two killers with her to kill her husband for alleged infidelity.

Muthoni suspected that her husband was having an affair with a woman in a nearby M-Pesa store.

After exchanging courtesies, she went into the kitchen to prepare a glass of milk for her husband. The plan was to put a sedative on it to knock him out and then call her accomplices to finish the job.

The two men, Joseph Kariuki aka Karis and Isaac Ng’ang’a , sat patiently in their tint car, waiting for the signal. But things didn’t go according to plan. About a few hours later, Muthoni came out of the house looking rather disturbed. She said the drug failed and abandoned the mission.

Murder plot

She drove them to Kiriaini town, where they were joined by Nelson Njiru, the main coordinator of the murder plot. They agreed to go their separate ways when Muthoni returned home around 2 a.m.

Police found out that the quartet had first met in June 2016 to try to resolve the domestic issues Finding problems for the couple, and their original plan was to eliminate the other woman in the love triangle.

But the plan was dropped because their M-Pesa store was near a police station and bank .

At the time, Muthoni announced The killers paid 50,000 Shillings each, telling them to wait for the next deployment. It wouldn’t be long before she decided to chase after her husband four months later.

After the sedative failed, Muthoni put Plan B together. She convinced her husband to take her to Kiambu to investigate a property they were interested in.

The unsuspecting Mbuthi agreed, and the couple traveled to Icaciri on November 5, where they spent the night at Muthoni spent.

In the meantime she stayed in contact with the hits for use the next day. To avoid mistakes after two failed attempts, they got themselves a stronger sedative.

On November 6, shortly after the children went to church, the couple drove in Uriithi towards Ndarugo. Muthoni had already drugged her husband and the drug was slow to work.

Strangled to death

In Ndarugo, she introduced him to Kariuki and Ng’ang’a, who should act as them “Land Agents”. The men jumped into the car to lead the couple to the properties for sale.

After Muthoni drove towards Karakuta Coffee Estate for a while, he suddenly stopped the car and gave Mr. Ng’ang’a a sign to act.

Without hesitation, he grabbed a sisal rope, tied it around Mbuthi’s neck and strangled him to death.

Once lifeless, they dragged him to a thicket in the coffee plantation where they sat upright, tied his hands from behind and tied the rope to a tree.

They also covered his head and some parts of his body with a sack full of burlap.

N’gang’a took the director’s pair of shoes and left his on the scene. A five-day search by police for a missing person report led to the discovery of the decomposing body on the plantation.

Investigations led to the arrest of Muthoni, Kariuki and Ng’ang’a, who were linked for murder charged with the headmaster. Njiru vanished into thin air, however, never to be seen.

Guilty of murder

Muthoni and Ng’ang’a denied the charges and the matter was brought to justice. However, Kariuki pleaded guilty and agreed to be a state witness. Judge Joel Ngugi sentenced him to seven years in 2017.

Prosecutors produced 21 witnesses to testify against Muthoni and Ng’ang’a, including Mr. Kariuki, the director’s family, and Safaricom staff and experts and Airtel.

Homicide Chief Inspector Clement Mwangi was the last witness to testify. Although he was based at the headquarters of the Nairobi Criminal Investigation Department, he was the investigator.

He compiled the testimony of the 21 witnesses who linked the accused to the murder. He said investigations revealed that Muthoni and her three accomplices were together in Witeithie, Urithi, Kiambu County, on the day of his murder.

Telephone records from experts from Safaricom and Airtel showed the suspects were present at all times Communication before and at the time of Mbuthi’s death.
The data also put the suspects at the same point during the murder.

“Mr. Kariuki’s detailed report on the murder plan and its activities from June 2016 until the day of Mwangi’s death confirm the statements made by the IT- Experts from Safaricom and Airtel, “said Mwangi.

Yesterday the court found Muthoni and Ng’ang’a guilty. You will be sentenced on May 18th.