Aug 1, 2021

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Havi in more legal trouble as LSK CEO sues him for contempt of court

This comes one day after LSK confirmed that it had received three applications for the CEO position from Ms. Wambua.

LSK said the development followed a newspaper ad last month that the position became vacant. The application period ended on July 14th.

“After checking the applications for completeness and compliance with the requirements stated in the advertisement, two could be shortlisted,” said LSK in one Advertisement.

The three applicants included Mutua Ngumbau Nzioka, Josephat Mutunga Mutisya and Juliette Akoth Jakalia.

In conversation with the nation, Ms. Wambua described the development as illegal as it violates court orders issued last year when LSK suspended it before being suspended shortly afterwards.


< p class = "x"> The contested CEO said her contract expired next February, adding that Mr. Havi may be preparing to be taken over by her successor after her term ends.

She said, however, that if LSK planned to replace her immediately, she would be ready to fight for her position and she would have sir n sues Havi for defying last year’s court order to secure her term in office.

“One of the court orders I received last year said that he (Havi) shouldn’t disrupt my contract. He’s basically disrupting my contract. I’ve already filed a court disregard motion and he risks six months in jail, “said Ms. Wambua.

She added that the low number of applicants for the coveted position stabbed gaps in the authenticity of the process to replace her.

While she was choosing to take legal action, LSK has announced her plans to the two candidates shortlisted to interview Mr. Ngumbau and Mr. Mutisya. at 10:20 am and 11:20 am at headquarters on Gitanga Road, Nairobi, July 21st


Mr. Havi’s new legal problems comes barely a week after he was arrested at DCI headquarters on Kiambu Road for allegedly assaulting Ms. Wambua during a council meeting.

In his defense, Mr Havi said he had attacked no one and dismissed the allegation as the plaintiff’s creation crashing a meeting she was not invited to.

But Mr Havi received orders preventing prosecutors from proceeding with it Affair.

All of these events came after 118 members of the Society supported the motion to put Ms. Wambua on forced leave and replace her in June. According to reports, only 16 members rejected the request.

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