Jul 28, 2021

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Honeytrap hijackers: How women are used by highway robbers

She was one of four kidnappers who tried to block a truck carrying construction materials, but the driver rammed her car. Her accomplices escaped, but the woman was trapped in the vehicle where she was arrested.

The arrest was a breakthrough in the fight against highway robberies against truckers, according to Adan Hassan, chief of the Naivasha Criminal Investigation Department.

“She would stop at certain points on the road. On the busy freeway, you pretend to be stranded and wave to truck drivers … at that point your gang members would slam,” he said.

Mr. Hassan described the woman as a “dangerous notorious criminal”.

“She was fatal and the arrest has greatly assisted our investigation,” added the DCIO chief of Naivasha.

During the arrest, the suspect pleaded innocence and said she only stopped one elevator in the Toyota Probox car.

Highway robberies

Gangs, especially those involved in highway robberies women now use them as bait because they arouse little suspicion The trick, said Hassan.

“Gangsters are smooth operators who get thorough training on the underworld, take lessons from other criminals, and can easily capture their targets”, said the DCIO chief of Naivasha.

Mr. Hassan warned motorists not to stop to select “the normally stranded woman” and warned them that it might be “your Waterloo”.

The chronology of criminal women in the city of Naivasha goes back to February 10, 2019 when three suspected carjackers, including a woman, were shot dead by police in the Mithuri area of ​​Naivasha. Naivasha Police Deputy Commander John Kwasa defied the order to surrender and called on the police to open fire.

You were among six people who were planning to hijack a bus bound for Nairobi when they were ambushed by the police after a lead.

The woman is said to be the ringleader of a carjacking gang that operated between the counties of Nairobi, Kiambu and Nakuru.

Before The three were shot, they stole numerous vehicles and exposed their victims to terrible moments.

Inconsiderate ringleader

The woman was described as the most calloused – she barked orders, hurled profanity and forced them Victims generally for submission.

She got into vehicles at various points in the three counties and got off at certain points On March 25, 2021, Ms. Maureen Nyokabi Waweru and Mr. Paul Kamau Mwangi were greeted in front of a G Ericht charged with violent robbery in Naivasha. They denied the charges.

The indictment stated that she and others who were out of court had dangerous situations in Kinamba, Naivasha Sub County, on various dates between February 3rd and 5th, 2021 Mr. Isaac Thumbi Njuguna was robbed of guns from a Toyota Probox valued at Sh 820,000 and a cell phone valued at Sh 18,000. Mr. Njuguna was killed during the robbery.

Prosecutors said the first accused Ms. Waweru had a similar case in the Makadara, Nairobi court.

The woman was killed by the Police linked to robbery Syndicate against taxi drivers, especially Probox cars.

Police claimed it was being used to lure unsuspecting taxi drivers.

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