Dec 9, 2021

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How beauty queen overcame savage online trolls that left her on edge

Instead, Ms. Nakova found a world against her. At the age of just 23, she fell victim to wild online trolls.

Eight years later, she found her new passion in the visual arts. Her work varies from portraits to landscape drawings of picturesque locations.

But that doesn’t mean avoiding occasional modeling jobs when the opportunity presents itself.

Your path has not been easy. In fact, instead of the pomp, fame and recognition that follows the title of beauty queen, her crown brought her sharp criticism from the Kenyans.

“I remember it like it was yesterday, that feeling, that I had when my name was declared the winner – it was exhilarating. I entered the competition because it suited my career, “she said.

” I studied tourism management at the Technical University of Mombasa and the contest was like an extension of my career to my mind. Throughout the contest, I focused on local tourism products and how they could be marketed, and that’s how I won. “

She spoke to dozens of other girls before Kakamega, with the aim of winning and being crowned Miss Tourism.

Cultural diversity

As a finalist, she was able to travel to the final competitions in Nairobi and Mombasa four pillars of tourism: peace n, environment, tourist attractions and cultural diversity.

However, it did not win any of the categories. The trouble began immediately after they landed in Nairobi.

“Of course there was a certain cheer at the beginning. But when we got to Nairobi to do a Polaroid, it all went to hell, “she said.

” These would be the pictures that all the beauty queens in the country would introduce. So when we got to the photoshoot, they took some test shots before taking the main shots, just to make sure the light and camera settings were good. ”The shooters selected their photos for testing, said she, and forgot to take other photos of her, and so the test photos were eventually used on social media.

This was the beginning of what Ms. Nakova describes as the worst part of her life.

Beauty Queen position

By the standards of Kenyans on the internet, the images that went viral didn’t show a person to be the Beauty Queen position.

“Me didn’t expect the kind of reaction I got, “she explained between long pauses to hide her feelings.

” I’ve been called every ugly name you can think of, and funnily enough, some insults came from friends. I got tense going through the comments. I remember calling my brother and explaining the situation to him, that I was trending for the wrong reasons and that this was a new experience for me. “

They told me I was ugly and when you tell a 21 year old that she is ugly, she is doing psychologically nasty things to her. My self-esteem was completely eroded. “

” Some of the insults include people telling me I look like a man, that I am not hip enough to be wanted as a woman, “she said.

This prompted her to disable all of her social media accounts.

When her family saw she was on the verge of depression in 2015, they asked them to find a job .

But as fate would have it, that brought with it a different problem.

Every time she went for an interview, the managers noticed that she was a former Miss Tourism Kakamega was. They asked her why she was “not living in the fast lane working with the government to market the country”.

After numerous unsuccessful interviews, Ms. Nakova decided to become her own employer.

She said she also realized that if she didn’t do this and work on her psychological wellbeing, she would be harming herself.

“It took me six” years to get back into the social To be a media, and I only did it to share my art with potential clients. The best decision I’ve ever made was to sign up for an art class with a sketch master, “she said.

Sexualize yourself

” I still model, but I mainly do editorial modeling. I know there are a lot of misunderstandings when it comes to modeling as a career, but that’s not always the case. Modeling is a decent job like any other. ”

Your advice to young women? You don’t have to “sexualize” yourself to get modeling jobs because it increases your vulnerability to exploitation.

“The first thing you need to know is to understand what type of modeling you are getting into be it glamor, editorial or commercial modeling, “she said.

” Some of the advice I got from an international photographer I’ve worked with is that as a model, I have to have a lot few pictures online. That makes it easier for photographers to understand your style. “

She took her uncomfortable experience as an apprenticeship and is now ready to march forward and have a positive impact on young girls in the modeling industry.