Dec 9, 2021

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How Kamiti fugitives blew their cover

Since her jailbreak on Sunday everything had gone well in the escape script written by Musharaf Abdalla Akhulunga alias Zarkawi alias Alex alias Shukri; Mohamed Ali Abikar and Joseph Juma Odhiambo, aka Yusuf.

From Kamiti in Kiambu County, they had managed to cross the vast Machakos County to Kitui and were well on their way to Boni Forest in Lamu County and eventually crossed into lawless Somalia, their safe haven for terrorists.

In fact, when they broke out of Kamiti on Sunday evening, they were traveling and managed to get to Kitui that same night, according to nationwide research.

Occasionally walked into town

On the first day of their short-lived freedom, the trio reportedly casually walked into town unnoticed and found their way to Kunda Kindu bus station in the center of Kitui district.

On Monday lunchtime, they boarded a matatu named Changamsha, which drove the Zombe-Endau-Malalani route from Kitui town, and told the conductors that they were going to Malalani Market, the final destination of the matatu .


Malalani is located about 100 kilometers east of the city of Kitui in the constituency of Kitui East, near the border with f Tana River County. It borders the South Kitui Game Reserve, which was a hideout for terrorist cells.

After arriving in Malalani in the evening, they had dinner in the market without suspicion and went to an unknown hiding place.

The next day the refugees turned up at the same market in the evening, where they went shopping and asked for directions to Garissa or Boni Forest in Lamu County.

Local residents said the three – the exhausted, unkempt and looked thirsty – bought lots of milk, bottled water, bread and biscuits in local shops and paid in cash.

One of the fugitives had swollen legs and limped, perhaps as a result of long walks.

“They looked confused and lost without being aware of the geography around them. They asked how they could connect to Garissa or Tana River counties from the area, “said a trader at the market who spoke to the nation on condition that he was not named for security reasons.

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Immediate suspicion

The mention of Boni Forest to residents sparked immediate suspicion.

“It was dark, but you could see that the strangers looked confused, worried and in some hurry when they asked for directions to the Boni Forest. They bought their groceries and fled back into the bush, “explained the trader.

They were later spotted in the same market after emerging from the nearby bush, but immediately fled into the darkness.

Their sighting panicked the sleepy mall, as shopkeepers who tried to arrest them and cash in on their heads for the Sh60 million bounty feared the terrorists were armed.

But the fugitives unknown, they had already blown their cover because the residents immediately notified the police that three suspicious figures similar to the hunted had been sighted.

The efforts to track them down on Wednesday turned out to be in vain, when they disappeared in the huge jungle.

It later emerged that they probably hid in the bush during the day while trekking to avoid getting caught, but they lost their original escape route, de r them straight to the town of Hola in Tana. River County.

By the time they reached Malalani, about 300 kilometers from Kamiti, they were almost on top of their escape plan.

However, they had no luck after being taken into the They were cornered after residents reported seeing them at the Malalani market in Endau, about 100 kilometers east of the town of Kitui.

They emerged from the bush yesterday morning without knowing they were were followed by security agencies and decided to change their route, so they hired a Boda Boda driver to take them from Malalani to Wingemi near Mwingi Garissa Road.

When they did the When they reached Wingemi area, they decided to hike about 40 kilometers to get to the Ukasi market, where they hoped to connect to Garissa and flee to the Boni Forest on their way to Somalia.

But their plan was punctured after one of them developed swollen legs that caused them to m forced a rest.

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Massive manhunt

There was a massive manhunt in the meantime was launched, putting all security agencies in the region – including the chiefs and their assistants – on alert. They combed the villages to prevent the terrorists from escaping.

Security sources confided to the nation that all routes from Kitui had been blocked. According to Leah Kithei, police commander of Kitui County, the refugees in Mwingemi were arrested while trying to find their way to the Mwingi-Garissa highway.

“When we finally caught up with them, one of them, Joseph Juma Odhiambo was too tired to flee and just surrendered without a great fight, but the other two set off, which resulted in a chase that did not last long, “said a police reservist involved in the operation.” / p>

He said that Odhiambo was found sleeping, but the other two resisted arrest and were determined to flee, but luckily they weren’t armed so it was “easy” to overpower them.

Found with cash

A The security source confided in the nation that Odhiambo with 10,300 Sh. was found in cash, money that they wanted to use to transport them to Boni Forest, which means they must have been helped to get to the town of Kitui.

“After we searched them, we found out that the terrorists had some cash. They also had some light clothes in a small cloth bag, “the source said.

They called their security chiefs, who arranged for the convicts to be removed from the bush and taken to the Mwingi Police Station for further delivery to the counter-terrorism police unit.

They were clearly identified and later flown to Kamiti, where Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i, his ICT colleague Joe Mucheru and other high-ranking security chiefs were waiting.

Upon their arrival in Kamiti, security around the facility was increased while prison guards in anti-riot gear surrounded the grounds.

The faces of the refugees were masked and they were made by ATPU. Detectives in balaclavas escorted out of the helicopter.

They were led to a waiting Land Rover, which, under the supervision of Dr. Matiang’i, Police Chief Hillary Mutyambai, DCI Chief George Kinoti, and other officers jailed.

Mr Mutyambai said the trio were spotted before they could cross over to Garissa.

“I would like to confirm to the Kenyans that our manhunt managed to find the three inmates within the border of Tana River and Mwingi, they were deep in the bush. Our assessment is that they were moving towards Garissa and maybe finally crossed to Somalia, “said Mutyambai.

” I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Kenyans for the information they shared on this have led to this success, and I appeal that we remain vigilant in the same spirit and share what we get of security concerns with the police. “

The three men are again charged with fleeing the legal detention charged.


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Additional report from Mary Wambui.