Dec 8, 2021

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How Kenyans lost millions in Amazon scam

Gullible Kenyans who wanted to become millionaires instantly fell in love with Amazon Web Worker Africa, a mobile app that tricked them into making money after signing up and making deposits.

Um To make the deal irresistible, the app managers have promised depositors that they would earn interest above local banking market rates.

“Do you have a smartphone? Are you dying to earn a monthly payment? Invest in the Amazon App – the largest online shopping app in the world that you can earn every day by helping Amazon business owners increase their sales with just one click of their phone, ”one of the ads reads App Sh37 daily and Sh1500 monthly for each investment worth Sh300 and Sh11,700 daily and Sh351,000 monthly for investments worth Sh100,000.

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Referring friends to the app will earn you extra money until the beginning of last month when the app was deleted from the Google Play Store after numerous complaints from victims who lost money through the platform. < / p>

Sh42 million

At the time, the nation learned that Safaricom also managed to freeze approximately Sh42 million that was stored on the app’s payroll accounts.

< p> The app went with deposits worth hundreds of Millions of shillings among gullible investors who had hoped to hit the jackpot, according to George K., chief of the criminal investigation department inoti.

As of yesterday, at least 15 victims had recorded statements at the DCI’s Serious Crimes Department, after 50-year-old Stacey Marie Parker Blake was arrested.

Ms. Blake was arrested at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport a few minutes after landing from the United States on Friday.

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“The suspect was arrested after an intensive investigation by detectives into serious crimes who linked her to the Ponzi program that kills the bags “Milked investors dry,” Kinoti said.

The app’s online brokers claimed it was a subsidiary of Amazon, a US-based e-commerce and cloud computing company. However, the app has never been listed on the Amazon website.

Also, the app has been linked to a developer named Haut Thornton, which is unlike any other Amazon affiliate website as it is created by Amazon Mobile LLC

Invest money

Despite these clues and red flags, the Kenyans fell for the lie and parted with their hard-earned money.

“In one Well-coordinated and orchestrated program, it was investors who invested their money in an online app called Amazon Web Worker, on the assumption that they would make huge profits of up to 38% on just 7 days of deposit, ”the DCI said -Chef.

Detective officers connected Ms. Blake to the Syndicate after their investigation revealed that one of the three payroll accounts used by the system, Renak Technologies, was linked to her cell phone and had a balance of Shill 50 million had from the ang The two other payroll accounts linked to the system are Kivaa Ventures and Kilala Technology.

While Ms. Blake is being indicted today, detectives are pursuing her other suspects believed to be part of the Syndicate system.

These include a Chinese national believed to have already left the country and a Kenyan believer, according to DCI, will become a woman Blake has faced multiple charges, including money laundering, computer fraud and fundraising through false deception.

Kenyans have complained that users who are victims of similar Ponzi programs on the Google Play Store, currently hosting around five million apps, are being urged To be careful not to fall victim to online scammers.

Various technical reviews have shown that Amazon Web Worker Africa used Safaricom’s STK Pus h, a function that allows the merchant to collect customer data and initiate transitions on their behalf.

Victims of the fraud already had their personal information such as full names, M-Pesa account and provided mobile phone numbers, all of which were used Execution of further internet fraud can be used.

In order for the transaction to be carried out, the customer can receive a popup notification with the STK push function to confirm the initiated transaction, in this case the application n a withdrawal fee of eight percent.

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