May 27, 2022

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How Mwai Kibaki transformed dairy sector

As dairy farmers who supply their milk to New KCC receive an annual payment of Sh5 billion, not many are aware that this dividend was instituted by the late President Mwai Kibaki.

During President’s tenure Kibaki found the revival instead of the dairy sector gaining momentum. Farmers’ earnings per liter of milk increased from Sh8 to Sh45.

“This is a lifetime gift that dairy farmers will remember for many decades, even as the late President Kibaki’s journey reaches its home stretch said Mr. Moses Kemboi, a dairy farmer in Kuresoi South, Nakuru County.

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“The Living Dairy Sector today can be traced back to the pragmatic leadership of the late President Kibaki,” said Ms. Joyce Karuga, a dairy farmer in Bahati, Nakuru County.

“Dairy farmers in New KCC will honor the late will forever be indebted to President Kibaki for ensuring that farmers enjoyed the fruits of their hard work by streamlining the dairy sector,” said Mr. Joshua Iregi, a dairy farmer in Transnzoia sident launched the Economic Recovery Strategy to create wealth and jobs.

“Prior to 2003, KCC had been taken over by private companies controlled by a few corporations, but in May of the same year the newly formed government bought the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) led by President Kibaki KCC for Sh547 million and returned its assets to the government as a wholly owned state company. The government renamed it New Kenya Cooperative Creameries Ltd,” recalls Nixon Sigey, Managing Director of New KCC.

Mr Sigey said Kibaki’s pragmatic leadership has resulted in farmers improving their dairy practices by using met acceptable quality standards.

< p>The MD recalls that during the tenure of the late President Kibaki, KCC embarked on a rapid expansion program that was instrumental in building a nationwide network of processing plants and refrigeration facilities that enabled the company enabled it to fulfill its new role.

Dairy processing

The late President Kibaki ensured that KCC had modern infrastructure and opened in November 1968 when he was Minister of Commerce and Industry was, the new plant in Nairobi’s industrial area now known as the Creamery House, which later became its headquarters.

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Dairy farmers remember the late president because he set up other factories across the country in Kitale, Nyahururu and Miritini and advocated in 1992 when he financed and Minister for Economic Planning, liberalization of the dairy industry.

Today, many dairy farmers agree that the Kenyan dairy industry is growing and many farmers and private sector actors are investing in dairy processing because of the good foundation laid by the late President .

“The modernization of the new KCC through the jubilee administration under the production pillar, as set out in the Big Four agenda, has contributed to improved capacity, and farmers are now earning good dividends,” said Mr. Sigey.