Dec 5, 2022

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How security guard aided Sh2.3 million Prime Bank robbery

A former security guard was involved in a robbery at a Prime Bank branch in Nakuru in January, CCTV footage submitted to the court shows.

The robbers stole an estimated 2.3 million Sh employees lost Cell phones.

Documents filed by police with the court said Mr. Tobias Juma Mukhuyu, who was arrested in Bungoma County earlier this week and was charged in court Wednesday, appeared in the footage , who opened the main door of the bank for his accomplices.

After the robbers entered the bank hall, the robbers confiscated the staff to the restrooms and locked them there before ransacking the drawers and 2.3 million Sh stole.

The guard denied three counts of robbery by force and failed to prevent one crime.

The former security guard was tracked down in Nashianda, Bungoma County, and after investigation and d arrested in CCTV footage.

Police claim he was the architect of the robbery.

Some of his accomplices were previously charged and the court charged directly with consolidating the case.


The court also heard that he had stolen a mobile phone worth Sh28,000 from Mrs Doreen Ndiga, which he denied.

The defendant further denied stealing a mobile phone from Irene Nkiritea, valued at Sh15,000 Sh.

As for the third count, the indictment states that as an employee of KK Security he failed to prevent the robbery committed by Collins Oyange and Enock Baraza.

The court instructed him to post bail in cash of Sh100,000 or alternative bail of Sh300,000.

The case is mentioned on July 11th and the hearing has been set for September 15th. < /p>

Court documents show that Mr Onyange and Mr Baraza, along with others who did not stand trial, died on 22 J anuar, while armed with crude weapons and fake firearms, robbed the bank of 2.3 million shillings.

They are also accused during the robbery in which a bank teller was seriously injured for using force.
Mr Onyange and Mr Baraza face additional charges of threatening to use force while he stole the mobile phones of four bank employees worth Sh76,000.

At least five men are said to have participated in the daytime raid on the bank, which is located in the West Side Mall on Kenyatta Avenue.

Mr Baraza and Mr Onyange were arrested arrested on February 23 and later charged.