Dec 8, 2021

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Hunt for woman over murder of German Krabbe Dieter, his girlfriend Cynthia Akinyi

Mr Krabbe Dieter died on Saturday after falling from his unit on the fifth floor of a rented apartment in Bamburi, Mombasa, one day after the death of his lover Cynthia Akinyi (24) / p> < p class = "align - justify"> Her body was wrapped in a sheets on Thursday morning and found hidden under a bed in her home in the Mdomondoni kwa Chief area of ​​Mtwapa, Kilifi County.

The police were looking for the German on Friday after he was suspected of killing Ms. Akinyi after a night of fighting.

But now detectives are following the mysterious woman from Kiembeni, Bamburi, who allegedly was Mr. Dieter’s other lover after they linked the two deaths to a possible love triangle. Detectives told the nation that they had expressed doubts about the initial report that Mr. Dieter may have committed suicide after he was suspected of killing Ms. Akinyi.

Two lovers

According to the police, Mr Dieter had two lovers and lived in the two houses he had rented.

” It is alleged that Mr. Dieter had another wife, but we are still investigating to find out what caused his death, “said Nelson Taliti, Kilifi County Police Commander.

” His body was found on the site around a five-story building in Bamburi on Saturday morning with injuries and blood everywhere and the lover is at large. “

He said there was communication between Mr. Dieter and the woman on the run.

“He didn’t jump from the 5th floor of the Bamburi apartment because if he wanted to kill himself he could have thrown himself off the Mtomondoni, Mtwapa apartment after killing his lover but he decided to flee with his bags early in the morning, “said the source.

” We have evidence that someone might be stuck behind all of this. “

The police are also investigating a Boda-Boda operator who used to do most of Mr. Dieter’s errands and Ms. Akinyi on the relationship with the mysterious woman.


“The Boda-Boda driver knows a lot because he was the only one who was sent to eat and even buy beer for the lovers and bring it to his apartment in Mtomondoni and the other house in Bamburi, “the source explained.

” We investigate and we will interview to find out if he is connected to the murders. “

The police said it was not yet clear what kind of business the foreigner preferred to move on a boda boda was runni ng in the country.

But the locals said Mr. Dieter was a frequent visitor to Kenya.

A friend of the two said Ms. Akinyi and Mr. Dieter met in a club and then moved in together.

“Ms. Akinyi worked in various famous entertainment venues in Mtwapa and moved to Mtomondoni apartments last December”, said one of Akinyi’s friends.

The bodies of the two were taken to the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, where they are awaiting an autopsy.

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