Oct 18, 2021

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IEBC panel shortlists 36 for interviews to hire 2022 election chiefs

The four posts on the electoral commission were appointed after the resignation of Commissioner Roselyne Akombe in October 2017 and Connie Nkatha Maina, Dr. Paul Kurgat and Margaret Mwachanya released April 2018.

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In a notice released on Saturday, the panel said the 36 were selected from a total of 660 applicants. The youngest was 23 years old, the oldest 73.

“When examining the applications, the selection committee found that many qualified Kenyans were interested in the position of IEBC commissioner,” said the chairperson of the committee. Dr. Elizabeth Muli.

“The Panel takes this opportunity to thank the Kenyans who have expressed their interest in serving Kenya in this capacity. The desire to serve your country is an act of patriotism” she added in a statement attached to the shortlist.

After the shortlist, Dr. Muli, the public has until June 25th to submit memoranda of the eligibility of the 36 candidates as commissioners.

Psychometric tests will follow on June 30th from 11am at the KICC in Nairobi, while oral interviews will be conducted on July 7-22.

Notable candidates

Two former chairmen of the National Human Rights Commission, current and former employees of the election agency, commissioners and lawyers are shortlisted.

Ms. Kagwiria Mbogori, the former chairwoman of the Kenyan National Human Rights Commission (KNCHR) and her predecessor, Florence Simbiri-Jaoko, are on the list.

Murshid Abdalla Mohammed, who is in of the first National Police Service Commission.

Previously, he was Commissioner of the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission (IIBRC).

Dr. Catherine Muchiru Kamindo, deputy director of research and borders at IEBC, was also shortlisted, as was her colleague Naisiae Paloshe Tobiko, head of the Commission Services.

There is also the former director of IEBC , who is in charge of Human Resources, Sellestine Kiuluku.

Lawyers on the list include former Vice President of the Kenyan Law Society, Harriette Chiggai, Justus Munyithya, Roseline Odede and former Gwassi MP Felix Nyauchi. < / p>

There is also former diplomat Koki Muli Grignon.

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