Sep 21, 2021

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I’m broke, I can’t pay school fees, Mike Sonko tells court

Sonko now wants a court in Nairobi to repay 15 million shredders that he paid into the judiciary’s account as a cash deposit in a corruption case.

Some of the money, he said in court records, came from friends and relatives.

He has requested that the deposit be replaced with vehicle logbooks that from a nameless one. person.

The money was paid in two tranches in December 2019.

The first amount of Sh5 Millions, was from Sonko’s account, while the second tranche of Sh10 million was deposited by Nairobi’s Deputy Governor Anne Kananu Mwenda following contributions from Sonko’s friends and relatives.

Central collection point

“Ms. Kananu made an affidavit on December 11, 2019 that she acts as a central collection point for funds from contributors and has deposited them with the court as cash b everything for Mr. Sonko, “says lawyer Phillip Kaingu, who represents the former governor.

” So she was just an agent and the Sh10 million didn’t belong to her. She wasn’t a contributor either or owner of part of it, but an agent who was hired to collect the money Court to deposit so that Sonko can be released from custody, “says Mr. Kaingu.

The lawyer argues in the complaint that the former governor urgently needs funds to to take care of his health, to pay the fees for his university and school children, to pay the legal fees of his lawyers and in general to meet the family’s daily needs.

New Guarantee

The attorney says Sonko has secured a guarantee that is ready to leave three engines in logbooks as security to release the cash.

“The vehicles have a cumulative estimated value of Sh 30.4 million and are also fully insured,” says Sonko in the complaints.

The vehicles are listed as KCE 111M, KCJ 007F and KCN 900Q.

“Since he fr Admitted After he was released from custody, he has religiously adhered to the terms of his release and has continuously gone to court for hearing and mention. More than 10 witnesses have already testified against Mr. Sonko in the three cases, and there is no risk of escape for him, “says the lawyer.

Accounts frozen

< p class = "align - justify"> Since all of his bank accounts have been blocked due to allegations of corruption, money laundering and crime, the former district head wants the bail to be released to his attorney.

Sonko’s 10 bank accounts worth more than Sh18 million were frozen last year on suspicion that the money was stolen by the county government.

The order was taken from the Assets Recovery Agency.

The court has prohibited Sonko from transferring, withdrawing or using the funds deposited in six accounts with Equity Bank and three with Diamond Trust Bank and another at the Co-operative Bank of Kenya.

The new application was Filed in the High Court as the lower court proceedings. He was not suspended pending a decision on another motion.

The attorney fears that his client will, if the motion fail being heard during the court holidays is exposed to real and present danger.


He goes on to argue that the prosecutor’s director would not be disadvantaged if the court allowed the replacement .

The request is waiting for directions.