Oct 23, 2021

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In search of ‘chip publicity’, Senator Omanga gets fried on social media

That ingredient was politics. Nominee Senator Millicent Omanga delivered it through her team. It ignited the furnace of controversy that turned conversations into a chip when Ms. Kwamboka, a city student struggling to earn a shilling, found a hot potato streak in her hands.

< It started out pretty easy. On September 30th, Ms. Kwamboka shared photos of her chip sale in a location she's been using since the middle of last year. "Come for Chipo Mwitu," she wrote. Somehow she drew a lot of attention on Twitter because of her short dress.

Politicians love viral concepts, especially now that the 2022 elections approached. Ms. Omaga has plans for 2022, so this viral chip seller gave her the opportunity to have a viral conversation – sorry to catch up.

Ms. Kwamboka, inspired by her newfound fame, decided to find out more about to tell their business. Pictures she shared showing rain disturbing her business and asking for an umbrella caught Ms. Omaga’s attention.

In Ms. Kwamboka’s words, Ms. Omaga’s helpers arrived in a fuel hog , went with her and bought Sh350 worth of potatoes. Optics are an integral part of politics. Ms. Kwamboka claims the senator’s aides grabbed the larger sack of potatoes she bought herself and left her with the smaller sack they bought.

It was no more than 10 minutes after they left, Ms. Kwamboka told Citizen Digital on Friday before a post surfaced on Ms. Omanga’s Twitter account. It read: “Bevalyne Kwamboka is now sorted. Umbrella, cash and supplies to add to their hustle and bustle … Now let’s eat those chips. “

” Cash “? Ms. Kwamboka was confused by this claim because she had not received one. She had to ask an aide to the senator, who explained that the potatoes were bought with it.

Potatoes worth 350 Shr

Previously a lady with a relatively quiet life, now everyone turned to Ms. Kwamboka, because she must have received a “weighty” package of cash. So, she said, she had to make a post stating that she hadn’t received any cash.

“They only bought potatoes worth SH 350, came out of the vehicle with five umbrellas, made Photos, they returned and handed out an apron and two, ”she said.

Not ready to be fried by social media users because they gave the wrong impression, Ms. Omaga turned the most used Instruction in the political cookbook on – serve it back while it’s hot. She said she was out of the country and sent her team to assist.

“So I am concerned to learn that she has complained and discarded the support she received through my office . I did my best under the circumstances and I am sorry that I did not meet your expectations, which seem higher. In such situations, the truth, honesty and facts are sacrificed on the altar of social media fame, blackmail and character assassination, ”the senator wrote.

Ms. Kwamboka said she just wanted to clarify for her safety. “I never wanted to be ungrateful.”

Ms. Omaga often says that she made her first million in 2002 as a student selling bedsheets. If you search Ms. Kwamboka’s Twitter account, where she sells everything from clothing to set-top boxes, you get the impression of a woman who goes out of her way to make money, just like Ms. Omanga back then. Could the Kenyatta University student have been put on her way to her first million? It’s hard to tell right now.

In the meantime, Twitter is a full plate of chip talk. Did Ms. Omaga’s team pocket any of the money she wanted to deliver to Ms. Kwamboka, or was that all she intended to give? There are many theories about this and many kachumbari have been added to some accounts. Anyway, Chipo Mwitu and Kachumbari are a match made to heaven under the flyover.