Nov 28, 2021

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Inside Uhuru’s Sh6.5 trillion wish list for next government

President Uhuru Kenyatta has disclosed his second-term track record and set up his wish-list for the next administration as a continuation of his legacy projects.

A new Treasury Department report reveals the President’s priorities for his successor in the budget of Sh6.5 trillion – regular and capital, for the next three fiscal years, implementation begins on July 1, 2022.

The current government would only have about two months to implement next year’s budget, which means that the majority of it would be led by those who take the lead.

ODM leaders Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto are front runners in the Uhuru successor race and are both committed to completing Jubilee’s standout projects and the Big Four agenda.

According to the draft budget, Uhuru wants his successor to build 4,540 km of roads, an additional 85.7 MW of electricity from geothermal Que llen is producing and building 524.5 km and 520 km of transmission and distribution lines.

The policy statement sets out a plan to connect 750,000 new customers to the power supply and to modernize Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and Moi International Airport outlined.

The anniversary administration would also like the new team to expand the Malindi and Isiolo airports and the shipyard in Kisumu and equip the Bandari Maritime Academy.

An increase in the Internet speed and coverage by upgrading terrestrial cable from 10 Gbit / s to 100 Gbit / s.

Jubilee still wants its successor to be the Konza. put data center into operation and build 38,489 social and affordable houses, 1,550 police and prison houses and 3,150 government housing units.

To relieve Nairobi, the President has a budget for the construction of a 45 km long bus Rapid Transport Line, 60th, plans BRT stations and the purchase of eight new BRT buses.

The administration wants those who arrive to complete the South Lokichar Oil Field Development Plan, drill exploratory drilling and the Market petroleum block ks.

She also wants the acquiring parties to conduct geological assessments of rare earth minerals, iron ore deposits, coltan and copper to encourage investment.

“To achieve the above , Sector has a total budget of Sh368.3 billion, Sh364.3 billion and Sh370.5 billion in FY 2022-23, FY 2023-24 respectively. Security roads and Closing airfields, new prisons and staff houses.

The new team is also to introduce the integrated population registration system and install surveillance cameras in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa and issue Huduma Namba ID cards.

That President Kenyatta’s team wants the new government to expand police training schools, distribute the attorney general’s office to the counties, and introduce state legal assistance services for the needy.

Measures are also being sought to strengthen the safety and security of public schools, Colleges and universities in the face of the current unrest.

President Kenyatta wants the new team to issue 1.15 million title deeds, relocate 30,000 landless households and digitize land registers in 54 land offices.

The new one Team has to clear up historical soil injustices, compile the national land value index in 14 counties and georeferencing 240,000 parcels of land The Treasury Department also has the establishment of the Livestock Export Zone in Lamu, the completion of the Kenya Leather Park in Kenya and the Kenya Dairy Laboratory Complex, the development of 11 modern fish landing sites in Lake Victoria and in the coastal regions .

The new team will improve waste management in 47 counties, support green innovations, install 300 automatic weather stations, and build two airport observatories.

The President wants his reforestation project to coincide with the Production of 351 million tree seedlings will continue.

The goal is to have 85 percent of the population have access to clean drinking water, to improve access to sanitary facilities to 90 percent and to improve the irrigation area by completing dams on 80,000 hectares to expand.

Interventions to build on profits in the health sector will also be a priority.

The BP draft S has also revealed what the president’s track record after the handshake could be, contrary to claims the Single Pact derailed the anniversary agenda.

The Uhuru team has listed that it has processed 1.24 million title deeds , has fully digitized land registers in Nairobi, installed 210 milk coolers, set up a Sh3 billion coffee fund, modernized KCC factories and automated 225 coffee factories.

The anniversary also honors the completion of the SGR after Naivasha, the construction of 4,725 km of new roads, the maintenance of 110,625 km and the completion of Mombasa Port Terminal 2, Lamu Port Berth and Kisumu Port.

“A new ferry – MV Safari – has been acquired and refurbished by Moi and Isi olo Airports was completed ”, according to the BPS.

Jubilee claims to have 1,370 affordable housing units, 540 housing units for the national police and the Kenyan prison and 670 housing units for civil servants

A total of 2,500 km of fiber optic cables were laid connecting subdistricts, hospitals and police stations, while the Konza National Data Center was also equipped.

The Uhuru team says the Electricity generation capacity increased by 525 MW and an additional 1,655,729 customers were connected to the national electricity grid in the same period. Storage terminal delivered.

Edited by Kiilu Damaris