Jan 23, 2022

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Ipoa probes Nicholas Lifede’s fatal shooting

There was an argument, a heated argument, between Lifede and three officers from the Kabete Police Station allegedly accusing him of being a drug dealer.

Ms. Evelyn Onzere, Lifede’s stepmother who runs Patience’s Wines and Spirits Shop said the cops were on their “usual blackmail mission”.

“They asked for Sh500 but I refused to give it,” she told the Saturday Nation.

“Then they threatened to arrest me and insisted on searching my store.”

Ms. Onzeres 15-year-old daughter picked up her cell phone and started that Record events.

The clip, seen by the Saturday Nation , shows a man in civilian clothes who beat the girl before the device falls to the ground.

It was Show that Mr. Lifede was allegedly involved in the dispute.

“He asked the cops not to cause problems and returned the phone to his sister,” said a Saturday Nation witness.

In the meantime, a crowd had gathered outside. The police suddenly turned the heat on Mr. Lifede and said he was a drug dealer.

One of the officers tried to handcuff the 27-year-old but things went downhill quickly, witnesses said.

A police officer identified as Baraza by the residents of Mountain View is said to have grabbed the young man by the neck and dragged him into a corridor just outside the small compound.

“He yelled Nicholas < em> ‘Utajua mimi ni Baraza an! (You will know that I am Baraza), “said Ms. Onzere Onzere.

The police threw tear gas canisters at the crowd when they became hostile.

Then two shots were fired, Quick Success . Witnesses said one was shot in the air while the other round hit Lifede in the chest.

Stunned, Lifede ran into a run and jumped over a sheet iron fence.

Minutes later He was found unconscious less than 20 meters from his home.

Neighbors, friends and locals said he lost a lot of blood.

Ms. Onzere, 42, and her neighbors wore the young man to the bus stop on Waiyaki Way and called a Boda Boda to take him to Amart Hospital, less than a kilometer away.

Workers at Amart Hospital reportedly refused to take care of Lifede. I insisted that the family had a P3 form as the wound was from a gunshot.

“I went to the Kabete Police Station to notify the same officers who shot my son to make a communication. They took me back to the hospital, but it was too late, “she said.

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