Dec 9, 2021

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Justice Juma Chitembwe trashes Sonko videos

The judge said he would not step aside to pave the way for an investigation, as urged by the Chairman of the Nairobi Chapter of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), Eric Theuri.

“Me have no problem with anyone because my conscience is clear. The entirety of this is anger from Sonko for not being in office and we cannot encourage someone who has lost to be the one to kick the judge out just because he is has lost, ”said Judge Chitembwe.

Viral video

In the video clips distributed online you can see and hear the judge holding talks in which money is exchanged for cheap The videos show that the meetings took place in offices.

One of the clips shows a man claiming to be the confidante and brother of the judge at a meeting with some people who are over Talking about the payment of 100 million shutter.

One person asks the man, “If you have the 100 million en Sh, are you getting paid as a candidate by Justice Chitembwe on this matter? “

The man replies,” That is correct. “

” And you and Judge Chitembwe will give up your interest in this property. “

The man says” yes “and goes on to state that” the judge is aware of this meeting “. we are doing it now and we are aware of every single step. He is aware of my coming. He is aware that we are having a meeting. ”

In the clip, the“ confidante ”calls the“ judge ”on the phone, switches on the cellphone loudspeaker and informs him about the deal.

The man confirms that he has received Sh3.9 million on behalf of Justice Chitembwe. Other judges are also mentioned by the “confidante” in the conversation.

“I am the one who looks after the interests of Chitembwe … judge”, says the mysterious man.

But the judge said yesterday that the video clips were cut by Mr Sonko as revenge after the denial of two petitions contesting the nomination and appointment of Nairobi’s governor Anne Kannau.

“These are edited videos and are done with a specific purpose … it’s from Sonko and he got out clearly. I had them (videos) three months ago and they were circulating in July … it’s not my first time seeing them. He worked on it and added a few words, “said Judge Chitembwe.

The release of the videos should coincide with the swearing-in of Governor Kananu, he added.

Petition dismissed

“This is a man who wants to fight back because I rejected the petition. It was a three-judge bench. We pronounced the verdict and left. These things (videos) were done two weeks after the verdict, “the judge explained.

He also denounced the man who claims to be his brother and confidante.

” The Lord says he’s my brother, I don’t have a brother by that name. This is someone who has been recruited, and the only purpose … the gist is to dismiss the two petitions against Kananu, “said Judge Chitembwe.

However, the judge admitted knowing the man. The two come from the same South Coast community but haven’t met in the past three months.

“The man is not my brother, he is not even a distant brother or cousin. We come from a small community called … but there is nothing quite like my brother and I know that he was called to be accepted and get some money, ”said Judge Chitembwe.

Regarding the transaction , at a land in Malindi, Judge Chitembwe said he has no such property.

“(Sonko) is the one who is buying and he has a title deed in his favor. These videos were recorded in the presence of a Nepalese consulate, ”said the judge. The land dispute is pending in the Court of Appeal.

He went on to explain that he had held a meeting with the consulate and Sonko at his home about a land transaction. He met the consulate Jimmy Askar when he was working as a lawyer in Mombasa.

Step aside

The judge went on to claim that Mr. Sonko was behind a petition brought before the judiciary The Service Commission (JSC) is seeking his removal from office for alleged misconduct.

“He is the one who initiated the filing of the petition before the JSC. I didn’t see the petition myself and wasn’t asked (by JSC) to respond, but I know it’s there and I was aware because Malindi called me and said the police were looking for the Looking for files, “he said.

After the video clips were distributed, the chairman of the LSK Nairobi gave the JSC an ultimatum of 14 days to investigate Judge Chitembwe and ask him to resign.

< p> “It is a sad affirmation that judges are engaging in discussions about how justice can be delayed. The nature and scope of the allegations are reminiscent of the President’s decision to refuse the appointment of judges. They seem to legitimize the president’s decision, “said Mr Theuri.

” These allegations cast doubts on the institution of the judiciary. JSC must act ex officio within 14 days. We will march to his chambers and expel him. We cannot participate in proceedings and you are not sure if the other party compromised the judge, “said Mr Theuri.

But the judge said LSK should be JSC and the pending litigation related to the Allow allegations to be closed.

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