Dec 9, 2021

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Kamiti escape: Prison break or inside job? The hard questions

Contradicting reports about the timing of their escape and how the prisoners managed to escape from the safest prison in the country on Monday have baffled many.

The incident that occurred three days after the President Kenyatta ordered security agencies to increase vigilance across the country after a meeting of the National Security Council, which led to the recall of officials Musharaf Abdalla Akhulunga aka Zarkawi aka Alex aka Shukri, 34, Mohamed Ali Abikar, 22, and Joseph Juma Odhiambo, aka Yusuf (30) disappearing from a prison believed to have iron security remain worryingly vague.

At the same time, the nation has uncovered major inconsistencies, including conflicting incident times in official reports and how the refugees have left the facility.

It has also been found that the trio once shared a cell with another convicted terrorist, Egilva B wire, who was released on October 28 after serving a 10-year prison sentence before being arrested by gunmen.

On the same day, Bwire was kidnapped in Nairobi, his lawyer Professor Hassan Nandwa was kidnapped during his trial , was also missing after reporting his client’s ordeal to the city’s central police station.

Prof Nandwa was found more than a week later in Mwingi, about 200 km from Nairobi, on November 8th . Mr Bwire is still missing.

A fourth convict, who was in the same cell with the fugitives, stayed behind.


A public announcement The prison breakout notice reported the time of the incident as “around 1:00 am” on November 15, while an internal security report covering daily occurrences across the nation said the trio escaped “at 10:00 am” from cell number six in the Sentencing A block The first public report that the three escaped “by removing part of the wall that led to their cell block” has also been challenged after a source familiar with the investigation told the nation that a hole the size of a building block that “does not fit a person” is the only opening inside the cell.

The prison also has a double wall about three meters high. There are seven watchtowers that are manned around the clock.

The space between the two enclosing walls is patrolled by officers on foot, while outside the wall additional guards patrol on horses and with detection dogs.


On the roof above the main entrance of the prison, next to the watchtower officers, there are two officers at all times.

The facility also has video surveillance (CCTV) surveillance. However, it was reported that the surveillance cameras covering the alleged escape route were malfunctioning when the trio was discovered missing on Monday morning High security facility.

In a correctional facility, all prisoners must be recorded before the shift change. In the morning it is usually done by 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. The report should be forwarded to the officer in charge or the deputy officer in charge.

You will then forward it to headquarters before being sent to the Chief Secretary of the Correctional Department and shared with other security agencies.

If you were reported missing at 10 a.m., does that mean you escaped in broad daylight and breached all these security protocols?

Could it be that the convicts just walked away? In that case, they would likely pose as guards and in officers’ uniforms so as not to arouse suspicion.

Since this is a maximum security prison, Kamiti has more than 100 officers per shift. With new officers, as they were hired in 2019, it may happen that not all officers on the shift are recognized at the gate.

Or they were teased out by agents who either had the required clearance or had not subjected them to security checks.

Contraband has often been confiscated in prisons, and most of the time the perpetrators are prison guards. In previous cleanups, officials confiscated laptops, internet modems, SIM cards and cell phones, tools inmates use to cheat unsuspecting Kenyans out of jail.

Getting an extra uniform in jail is one of the easiest things to do to sneak into the facility. Night-shift guards sometimes wear two pairs of uniforms when they come to work to keep warm.

Once outside of the secure facility, convicts can exit the prison premises using the many exits available. The prison grounds where the staff are located are accessible from different directions, one side leads to an informal settlement while the other leads to Kamiti Farm, which has over 450 acres of tree plantations.

Speaking after that Cell visit Monday evening, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i said preliminary results do not support previous claims about the escape of the three inmates we have formed certain opinions. We don’t want to discuss this because we don’t want to interfere with the work of the DCI (Directorate of Criminal Investigations), ”said Dr. Matiang’i.

According to an internal report, four officers were on duty to guard the block at the time. Yesterday, seven prison guards were greeted by Dr. Matiangi, Police Inspector General Hilary Mutyambai and DCI Chief George Kinoti arrested.

They were charged at the facility and the judge ordered their detention as the investigation into allegations that they were trying to escape has been completed have contributed to dangerous prisoners. The authorities have put a bounty of Sh 20 million on each of the refugees.

All prison staff on leave have now been recalled.

“We are all mobilized and have news all over the country and across the country all exit and possible movement points in the country. We are going to conduct a massive manhunt for these three; they are dangerous criminals and we have to get them. We will get them, “added Dr. Matiang’i.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan security forces are on high alert after two suicide bombings that rocked Kampala yesterday morning.

The explosions that occurred at 10:03 am and 10:06 am, killing three and injuring 33 others.

Ugandan police said in a statement that the first attack took place near the central police station checkpoint, where a suicide bomber blew himself up.

The second explosion egg feasted in Raja Chambers along Parliament Avenue. Two suicide bombers were caught on camera on motorcycles as they detonated the explosives.

Last night, Thika Road in Nairobi was scrambled near the quiver by officers and officers from the National Youth Service checking every car Lounge barricaded.

The public was asked to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to the nearest police station or to use toll-free lines 999/112.

“The National Police Service (NPS) assures the public of their safety after terrorist incidents in our neighboring country today. Our condolences go out to the victims and families who were affected by such a cruel act, ”NPS posted on Twitter.

The Ugandan authorities have condemned the two attacks that linked them to radicalized groups associated with Allied with the Islamic State (IS.)).

Uganda Police Spokesman Fred Enanga noted that the explosives used in all attacks were made from common household items and urged the public to be particularly vigilant practice and volunteer to report suspicious activity.

“It shows that the groups still have a desire to use suicide bombers and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to carry out lethal attacks on soft targets,” he said.

A fourth suicide bomber was arrested and an IED was recovered from him. while a second device was seized from his home in the village of Nansana.

The attacks came barely three weeks after another explosion killed a waitress in a restaurant in town.