Dec 7, 2022

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Kasarani four: ‘How Fred Obare conned me Sh100, 000’

Investigations into the murders of four friends accused of money fraud took a new turn after it was revealed that one had set up his accomplice’s lover.

The bodies of Fred Obare, Frank Obegi, Moses Nyachae and Elijah Omeka have been found in Kijabe Forest and Magadi amid allegations of their involvement in a cash and cryptocurrency scam.

It emerged on Wednesday that Mrs. Doreen Makena, Omeka’s lover, had complained about the loss of Sh 100,000 to Obare.

According to statements , recorded by DCI investigators, Ms Makena had a complaint against Obare over a Sh100,000 academic writing account.

Obare’s body was found Monday in Magadi, Kajiado County, while the bodies of Obegi, Nyachae, and Omeka were found found in Kijabe forest in Kiambu county on Sunday.

Agreed to pay

Obare The man who disappeared on Thursday had agreed to pay the money to pay as he was unable to get another academic writing account. Unlike another case involving cryptocurrency, he was arrested by detectives in Kasarani and handed over to Ruiru Police Station. He settled the matter last May.

The Nation has determined that Obare, who had dealings with Omeka, left his house last Thursday in Santon , Kasarani, for Ruiru, where he should negotiate another deal to sell another academic account.

Academic writing accounts are particularly popular with university students, and rogue sellers exploit them and sell faulty accounts to unsuspecting customers.

Obare’s wife, Stephanie Mburu, told detectives and family members that her husband told her that he called from Ms. Makena Report that her husband is missing at Kasarani police station with her.

Phone switched off

Ms. Makena called on Thursday evening Ms Mburu asked if her husband had come home, but he had not come. According to Obare’s brother, Finley Mokaya, Obare’s phone was cut off at 2:30 p.m. that same day, shortly after he spoke to Ms Makena.

“That was the last time that we’ve heard from him,” he told the Nation on Tuesday afternoon. It also emerged that Ms. Mburu had also left town for an undisclosed location and was no longer working with the family.

As ​​the nation Reaching out to her, she said she had no comment on what had happened.

At Kasarani Police Station, Ms Makena was told that she had no missing person’s report station, which is exactly 20 kilometers from Kamakis, where she lived with Omeka. She was asked to report the matter to Ruiru Police Station.

Officials in Ruiru also asked her to report the matter to Gatong’ora Police Station, which is closer to her place of residence was . A senior detective privy to the investigation said officers wondered why she chose not to report the matter to Gatong’ora.

“On the same day she was also in constant communication with Omoka, who she said disappeared two days earlier,” the detective said.

No statement yet to be recorded

It remains unclear why Ms. Makena is yet to record a statement to the police 72 hours after the bodies of the four were found and taken to the city morgue.

On Wednesday, she told the < em>nation that she was living in fear and could not speak out about what had happened.

“I am concerned about the incident and am not ready to discuss the issue immediately,” Ms. Makena said.

Omeka’s family demanded t now justice and wants detectives. Ruiru Subdistrict Police Commander Justus Ombati said Ms Makena was asked to report the matter to the police station near her home to report that her friend had disappeared. She then told us that she was referred to the station by officials in Kasarani, but when we asked where they lived we had no choice but to refer them to Gatong’ora,” he said.

Unexplained Source of Wealth

Obegi’s father admitted that his son had an unexplained source of wealth despite dropping out of Multimedia University in his second year.< /p>

Mr. Evans Bowendo traveled all the way from Nyamira County after learning that his son’s body was in the city morgue.

he said Obegi had told him that he used to sell plane tickets online.

“He had a lot of money, he visited Mombasa frequently and when I did asked him what he did, all he said was that he sold airline tickets,” said Mr. Bowendo.

On Tuesday, Mr. Peter Mwanzo said, that detectives were investigating whether the four were involved in online fraud.

“Our preliminary investigation shows that they had an unexplained source of wealth. We are investigating whether they have been involved in online cryptocurrency-related scams,” he said.

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