Feb 7, 2023

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Kasarani four: Twitter influencer, 3 friends bodies found in Kiambu

A Twitter influencer and three of his friends are among those murdered and found with their body parts chopped off in Kijabe Forest, Kiambu County.

The influencer is among four mutual friends who pre been missing for a week in the Kasarani area of ​​Nairobi. A fourth body linked to the three was reportedly found in Magadi, Kajiado County.

The OCPD’s Lari Anderson Furaha told Nation the three bodies were severely mutilated and appeared to be through genitals amputated.

“One of them was partially eaten by wild animals. Their privates were amputated and it appears they died from strangulation. They had no identification documents and were naked,” Mr Furaha said.

It has since emerged that Frank Obegi and three of his friends may be among the three unidentified bodies, about Lari residents in Kiambu on Sunday

Twitter users Monday evening identified the four as Mr Obegi, his friend Mike, Eli and an unidentified victim. The bodies are currently being held at the Nairobi Municipal Morgue.

It is alleged that the four disappeared from Kasarani, Nairobi County, between Monday and Wednesday last week before the gruesome discovery was made.

With the four related families, Nation.africa reported that two of the men wanted to file a missing person report after one of their friends disappeared, only to have them disappear too.

Residents in Lari informed the police The presence of the bodies One body was discovered on Saturday, three on Sunday.

“We suspect the four were killed elsewhere and their bodies dumped in this area,” said Philip Kamau, one of the residents .

“All four bodies had deep lacerations on the neck and chopped off genitals. We are scared now because this is new in this field,” he added.

Mr. Furaha said that they had launched an investigation to track down the killers.

The finding of the Bodies comes barely three weeks after two bodies were fished from the Tanain River in Embu County.

The two have yet to be identified.

Police said the two young men are suspects in murder


The bodies still lie unclaimed in the Embu Referral Hospital morgue.

Corpse workers told the nation that no one had come to the morgue to identify the bodies or to claim them.

“The bodies were taken to the morgue by police but they have yet to be collected,” said an officer.

Mbeere South Police Chief Gregory Mutiso , said the process of identifying the bodies had begun.

“We took fingerprints from the victims for analysis n to establish the identity of the young men who were killed, aged 25 and 30,” said Mr Mutiso.

He added: “We have no idea why the victims were elimi. We have launched an investigation to find out Find out the motive behind the heinous act and those involved,” he said.

He appealed to those who lost loved ones to help identify the bodies.

He said the Men were strangled and their bodies placed in burlap bags before being thrown into the river.

In March, three other bodies were recovered from Yala River, Siaya County, near the same spot as 27 other bodies found dumped near Ndanu Falls, bringing the total number of bodies fished from the river to 30 three months ago.