Dec 9, 2021

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Kate Mitchell murder: Tamati Mauti’s father wants thorough probe

The family also says that an autopsy was carried out on Tamati Mauti’s body last Saturday, but they have not received a report.

Mr. Dan Mauti, the father, told the nation yesterday that the police do not have to give the family any information about their son’s death yet and they are frustrated that they are kept in the dark.

“I am in complete darkness about what happened to my son. The police keep telling us that they have investigated the matter and have not informed us. The management of the hotel where my son died didn’t tell us anything either, ”said the grieving father.

He is concerned about the story that his son might be connected to the BBC project manager Kate Mitchell, since the only woman they knew her son was involved was Michelle Akinyi, a journalist at NRG Radio whose cell phone was confiscated by police.

Mr. Mauti found out from his wife of the death of his son who was called by someone pretending to be a lawyer and asked her to rush to the Kilimani Police Station last Friday.

From the station, the family rushed to the Chiromo morgue, where she had been informed of her son’s body only to be forwarded to the city morgue.

“The level of confusion is incomprehensible. We left Chiromo and rushed to City Mortuary and found him there. We know that an autopsy was carried out on Saturday, but we did not receive a report, “said the 67-year-old father.

Mr. Mauti traveled to Nairobi’s son’s death after his report from Kisii.

The family transferred Mauti’s body to the Montezuma Funeral Home on Saturday.

The father, who currently resides in the family home in Ongata Rongai, wonders how his son, whom he considers promising, is going to be now referred to as a murderer.

“My son was a very staunch Christian. Even now at home, church members have come to give us condolences. He was very attached to the Church. It’s sad that the only people who have the answers are dead and can’t defend themselves, ”he said.

When asked if he knew about Ms. Mitchell, who was found dead in the hotel and whether his son had ever mentioned her, Mr Mauti said he had never heard of her and only knew her from media reports after the deaths.

“My son actually has a lady whom we all consider Know Michelle Akinyi and we know about the plans for her wedding, which was due to take place soon, “he said.

To prove that his son was committed to Ms. Akinyi, Mr. Mauti announced that she did last spoke three weeks ago when his son asked him if he had spoken to his fiancée’s father about their wedding plans.

“We are very surprised at all these details about my son, about the British national and are frustrated with the police’s refusal to keep us informed. I’m asking the police to do us a good favor and just let us know what’s going on, “he said.

The last information he received from law enforcement officers was when he went to the police station from Kilimani went station last weekend and was ordered to bury his son first while police continue the investigation.

Ms. Akinyi, as the nation has learned, currently lives with her aunt in Ongata Rongai and is ” very traumatized “from everything that happens.

The nation’s attempts to reach her by phone have been in vain. Numerous calls on her phone went unanswered and her father-in-law said it had been since Friday morning. when the police allegedly took her phone.

“The police took her phone and didn’t give it back. You have to charge it to keep it active all the time, ”he said.

When asked if the police took Ms. Akinyi’s phone and why they did so, Muturi Mbogo, who denied it Kilimani Subdistrict Police Commander neither confirmed nor referred the nation to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) instead. The detectives are investigating, “he said.

At the moment the family is planning the funeral in Ongata Rongai on December 1st.

They have the police around To speed up the investigation and clarify the truth about the murders of your son and the British national.

“We are traumatized, our family has been attacked. We can’t eat. We get a lot of calls from all over the place, from friends who want to know what exactly happened. We want the police to keep us informed, why should the press tell us about our son? ”Mr Mauti concluded.