Oct 21, 2021

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KDF widows, widowers, don’t shack up or remarry if you want pensions

KDF widows and widowers who remarry or start new relationships will not receive pension benefits.

New rules published by the Department of Defense provide that no payments will be made to KDF widows or widowers who remarry or live with someone other than husband or wife.

The pension is also denied to any widow or widower who leaves one of the children of a deceased KDF officer.

“The board of directors provides for the payment of the pension from the next day after remarriage or cohabitation after confirmation of the same”, says the KDF (Pensions and Gratuities) (Officers and Service Members) Regulations, 2021.

If the widow or widower has children until the deceased KDF member is under his or her care, they can draw the children’s pension. It can also be sent to an approved guardian.

“The money is to be used for the upkeep and education of the child or children to the satisfaction of the [Pension Determination] Committee,” the rules say.

They were released on September 17th by Defense CS Monica Juma and PS Ibrahim Mohamed.

If an officer only survives on children or if payment to a widow is suspended, the Children are paid double their share.

“The child’s pension ends when the child marries,” says the rules that set the maximum age for marriage to 24 years.

< p> If ratified by the MPs, funds for the children of deceased KDF employees would be paid to the widow or widower exclusively for the maintenance and upbringing of the child or children.

“If there is no widower or none Widow gives or if the if the widow leaves each child of the deceased, the KDF can – Committee to pay the pension to an approved guardian “, says the regulation.

The new regulation provides that no widow or widower may be admitted. It led to a pension supplement, unless the Marriage was recognized by law.

The marriage law recognizes connections established through religious denominations, civil marriages and customs.

A pension is also paid for every child up to old age 24 years of age, provided the rate would not be more than a quarter of the widow’s or widower’s price.

However, the Department of Defense has provided for pensions and benefits to be paid within 90 days of the death or retirement of a person Officer.

“The pension or gratuity is paid within 90 days of the date of retirement or death of an officer or service member, unless the payment is delayed by legal proceedings,” states the Rules.

In March 2018, Parliament canceled KDF’s proposal for accelerated pension and bonus payments to officers and their families.

The Delegated Legislation Committee said the proposed 90 days was a plan of KDF to withdraw money from the consolidated fund over the background or.

At the same time, soldiers who suffer a disability in their professional life would be granted Sh 20,000 per month to cover the “costs for assisted living” cover – to be checked every four years.

The payout applies to all officers or soldiers who are deaf, blind or physically disabled and who use a wheelchair.

If an officer is not a widow, Leaves children or relatives, KDF would tip the surviving parents, brothers and sisters.

In this case, the relatives receive an amount that does not exceed the pension for six months and, if necessary, a tip like this e a widow or widower.

A proposed pension assessment committee could determine the proportion for each of the relatives.

KDF officers would be entitled to a pension after 10 years of service; Service members are entitled after 12 years of service.

Those who do not qualify will receive a service allowance of 0.0025% of the annual pension for the period of service on retirement or dismissal.

Survivors Parents, brothers and sisters are entitled to an allowance that may not exceed the deceased’s salary for one month.

For widows and widowers, the pension will not exceed one third of the deceased’s pension in the event of death or Retirement.

“If there is more than one widow, the pension will be split evenly between them,” read on in the new rules.

Officials who choose to move in early A gratuity may be granted to retire or forcibly retire after ten years of service than 90 percent are granted the amount they could have received.

Officials disabled due to injuries, injuries, or illness may retire prior to their service for such reasons. After 10 years, a tip or a Pension will be granted.