Jun 22, 2021

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Kemsa board fired after Uhuru meeting with US Secretary of State

The revocation of the Kemsa board appointment came barely hours after President Uhuru Kenyatta met with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who expressed concern about the lack of accountability at Kemsa.

“We have an obligation to our own taxpayers when we spend their money on it, and we do so in a way that is accountable and completely transparent,” Blinken said Tuesday regarding the corruption concerns at Kemsa.

USAID has withheld a shipment of medicines to HIV-positive patients and insisted that they do not want to use the Kemsa infrastructure to distribute these medicines.

Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe yesterday fired the entire Kemsa board and replaced it with a new one after Kenyans and donors corruption, Ineff Efficiency, rot and turmoil had alleged.

The board of the agency marching orders are expected to thaw the frosty relationship between the Department of Health and USAID over the procurement and distribution of antiretroviral drugs.

It was one of the demands of the US aid organization before they could release ARV donations of Sh1.2 billion detained in port in the last three months.

CS Kagwe admitted earlier this week that corruption allegations were behind the Kemsa, USAID stalemate.

He said the government would reform the agency for the trust and confidence To restore confidence that she lost due to the scandals.

During a virtual round table meeting attended by journalists from Kenya and Nigeria on Tuesday, US Secretary of State Anto said ny Blinken, the US is very concerned about the corruption in Kemsa.

Former Kemsa CEO Kembi Gitura was appointed communications authority in March, Chairman effective April 18. < / p>

Mary Chao Mwadime is the new Kemsa CEO, who is expected to lead the agency for three years from April 30, 2021.

Beside Following the appointment of a new chairman, Health CS appointed Lawrence Wahome, Robert Nyarango, Terry Kiunge Ramadhani, and Linton Nyaga Kinyua as board members for three years, effective today.

“Timothy’s Appointments Mwololo Waema, Bibiana K. Njue, Joel Onsare Gesuka and Dorothy Atieno Aywak are being revoked, ”Kagwe explained in an official gazette dated April 28, 2021.

Kemsa is due to suspicious and irregular tenders in Height of 7, 6 billion Sh is examined. The agency came into focus in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic after it was found to be intermittently sourcing Covid-19 goods, and MPs accused the board of directors of not overseeing the agency’s commitments.

< p class = "MsoPlainText"> The claims that led USAID to withhold ARV donations previously distributed through the drug agency.

As of September 2015, the two institutions concluded a procurement contract. Storage and distribution of donations to Kenya.

As USAID pushes for ARVs still held in port to be distributed through a privately owned American company, Chemonics, which it is co-operating with It is clear that the US was not interested in partnering with Kemsa.

The agency said they would continue to use Kemsa’s services Would take if the drug agency system were not restructured a third party going into the future

However, the Ministry of Health announced that it was not happy with the agreement and said it was didn’t know about Chemonics and USAID didn’t introduce them until they could get involved in importing and distributing the ARVs and other medical supplies.

Earlier this week, Mr. Kagwe said the government wasin talks with the US Embassy to resolve the dispute that has left many people with HIV fearful for their lives due to drug shortages.

“We had no problem with USAID brought the medication himself. The problem arose when we were introduced to a company called Chemonics without prior information.

“We didn’t know Chemonics, we never knew who they were until we were told we should take our goods from them, “he said.

Urged by the US agency, he said the Department of Health had set up a joint committee made up of government officials. p>

“This is an ongoing discussion. We agreed with the American Embassy that we would set up a joint committee to discuss this matter and find a friendly solution, “he said, adding that there was consensus to restructure Kemsa” to make sure there are none Questions are “and that it is as efficient as it was.

” You have given us technical support and we have some of your staff who will be working with us. We are very grateful “He said.

Kemsa is also on site to deliver HIV drugs that are being phased out in the country.

There are also There are allegations that are being investigated that drugs donated to the country by USAID are finding their way onto private chemists’ shelves.

USAID is also conducting an investigation to see if his employees worked with Kemsa h to sell the drug donations to some private pharmacies in the country.

“We talked today about making sure Kemsa is so reformed, nothing has fallen through the cracks, we have together the opportunity to ensure that our help continues uninterruptedly so that people who need what we offer do not go without it, ”said Blinken on Tuesday,

He added that the The US and the Kenyan government will work “very closely” to ensure medical care is available. Aid will continue uninterrupted.