Feb 4, 2023

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Ken Walibora’s death: Why Senate says Kenyatta Hospital is not to blame

The Senate has cleared Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) of responsibility for the death of scholar and former journalist Ken Walibora. Prof Walibora died at the facility after being hit by a car along Landhies Road in April last year.

Although the circumstances of his death remain unclear, KNH was publicly condemned after allegations that his staff may have been negligent in failing to provide the scholar’s emergency care.

The Health Committee had determined in its investigations that Prof. Walibora received the necessary emergency life-saving medical care after his admission to the KNH, including the access the critical care services.

“Prior to his death, there was no evidence of negligence on the part of KNH,” the committee noted in its report.

It added that its investigations showed that KNH it was not culpable by order or omission of death.

While supporting the report, Senator-nominee Gertrude Musuruve insisted that Prof. Walibora the prompt attention required was not given, and urged the KNH and other healthcare facilities to improve emergency treatment.

“It must be interrogated and found out whether the emergency call center is doing what it is supposed to”, said Ms. Musuruve.

Senators noted that public hospitals are the first port of call for the majority of victims of traffic accidents and violence, noting the need to ensure their emergency departments are up to the task.

“It must be ensured that public hospitals are adequately resourced and equipped to deal with emergencies,” said Mr. Michael Mbito, Chair of the Health Committee.

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