Oct 21, 2021

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Kenha feuds with firm over land once owned by late British tycoon

Two companies – the Kenya National Highways Authority (Kenha) and private property developer Shayona Timber Ltd – are in a bitter argument over the use of a controversial three-acre property on the Mwariki estate.

The land on the Nakuru-Nairobi highway was part of Crawford’s vast estate before he sold it.

Kenha, who originally claimed the property, lost the offer to Shayona Timber after unproven payment of Sh7.8 million to Crawford to purchase.

The company that was declared the legal owner of the land by the court is now accusing Kenha of thwarting its development efforts.

< The company claims the agency has refused to authorize the construction of acceleration and deceleration lanes on the Nakuru-Nairobi motorway to provide easy access to the land that houses a gas station and business complex

‘Lame Excuse’

Shayona Timber Managing Director Jayen Motichand Dodhia said Kenha argues that the creation of the alleys will disrupt the design of a proposed expressway between Rironi and Mau Summit .

But Mr Dothia said that was a lame excuse.

“We saw the design of the expressway and it shows no interference with the current highway. These are just gimmicks by Kenha to frustrate us as they want to claim the property, “he said.

The nation has learned that Kenha has made several unsuccessful attempts to acquire the land.

Court records show that Kenha tried through the Land Ministry in 2009 to forcibly purchase the land for the rehabilitation of the Lanet-Njoro Junction.

The court heard that a Kenha official was stopping Advised the Land Commissioner to disrupt or enter the land and be declared the rightful owner of the land on June 30, 2009, an individual payment check for Shayona Shayona Timber bought the land from Crawford in 2007 for 7 million shunt and was developing it.

The court found that Kenha had never deposited the money into Crawford’s account and there was no evidence that they were paying for the land .

In a judgment of October 1, 2019, the judge stated Sila Munyao Shayona Timber became the legal owner of the land and issued a permanent injunction prohibiting Kenha from interfering with the company’s use of the land.

“The defendant (Kenha) has himself defended against this country of action, not because he has acquired it, but because he cannot explain the Sh7,707,590 and hopes to have the judgment in his favor to cover these missing funds. I am sorry to tell Kenha that I cannot help her unworthy cause, “judged Judge Munyao.

Kenha did not immediately respond to text messages asking for comments.

The dispute is one of several that preceded the death of Crawford, who died in 2014.

His property is the subject of a legal dispute in which his former employees were pitted against his business partners. He died without known relatives. < / p>

His personal secretary Sarah Joselyn is fighting a criminal case in a Nakuru court in which she is charged with forging documents allegedly used to apply for administrative letters on Crawford’s estate.

< p> A son of a former Crawford business associate and former workers are also seeking a share of his property.