Aug 4, 2021

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Kenya receives 358,000 Covid doses, expects 13m by August

By Sunday, 995 012 people nationwide had received the first dose, which means that even with the new broadcast, not everyone is entitled to a second dose. Yesterday the country was supposed to receive a shipment of 358,000 cans of AstraZeneca from Denmark.

The shipment was expected at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 9:30 p.m. on an Air France plane via Gavi-Covax, the Vaccine Alliance, one Organization appointed by the World Health Organization to oversee the procurement, allocation and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines to 92 countries that have signed up for the Covax facility.

In an interview with the nation, Dr. Willis Akhwale, chairman of the Kenyan Covid-19 Vaccine Advisory Task Force, assured the public that the donated vaccines would be distributed across the country so that the vaccination campaign can continue tomorrow.

358,000 doses

< p> “Denmark gave us 358,000 doses today, but within the week we expect another 182,000 doses of the same vaccine from COVAX who have yet to give us the flight details, but Unicef ​​promised and they are from Europe. ”

Dr. Akhwale said the cans will be delivered to all regional government stores within 24 hours. “We have an effective cold chain storage system, so we plan to distribute it to all counties, with the exception of Mandera, which has not used up the cans, so we will not rush to give them more.”

< Denmark, Norway, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Luxembourg have recently linked blood clots to the vaccine in some recipients and have chosen not to use it despite concerns about the vaccine's expiration date.

Dr. Akhwale added that although the government ordered 10 million doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in April, the government expects to receive 13 million doses from the African Union.


In April, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe admitted that due to delays in AstraZeneca’s delivery and the decision to outsource, there would be difficulties in rolling out Covid-19 vaccination nationwide.

Yesterday, the Coalition for Dialogue in Africa (CoDA), an independent team that is helping the African Union establish systems for manufacturing essential vaccines, announced a new commission to monitor vaccine production.

This is due to growing concerns that Africa has been dependent on the COVAX facility for a year, aside from the goodwill of European nations to get access to Covid-19 vaccines.

Calls CoDA e also the University of Nairobi among the 17 universities where genome research is carried out.