Jun 18, 2021

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Kenya reopens airspace to allow Somalia flights

The decision was made on Thursday after the Nairobi authorities called “intercessions” to resume flights.

The Director General of the Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA), Gilbert Kibe, confirmed this to Nation. Africa that a May 11 ban was lifted.

A message from the State Department to diplomatic missions in Nairobi indicated the move was part of Kenya’s efforts to revive Somalia’s chilly relationship since December last year.

“This goodwill measure was taken in the mutual interest of our two countries and in the hope that it will bring about the full normalization of bilateral relations between Kenya and Somalia, including diplomatic relations, trade relations and Connections from people to people who have been inappropriately incriminated, “the note says.

A notice to Flieger (Notam) from 11th three months from May 11th to August 9th of this year is allowed. The only exceptions were humanitarian supplies and medical evacuation flights.

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At this point, KCAA did not explain the reasons, but the move was seen as a further step in efforts to revive relations between the two neighboring countries. It came just days after Qatari special envoy Mutlaq bin Majed al-Qahtani arrived in Somalia to assist in the resumption of relations between the countries.

On Thursday, Kenya reiterated that it was a real actor in the search for peace and Progress in Somalia is.

“The government and people of Kenya remain true partners for peace and prosperity in Somalia and look forward to renewing the lasting bonds of friendship and partnership between Kenya and Somalia,” said the Ministry.

KDF strike action

Nonetheless, tensions between the two countries persist. On Thursday, Somalia said that Kenyan forces that are part of Amisom will no longer be allowed to carry out air strikes in Somalia without Mogadishu’s permission.

Osman Dubbe, Somalia’s Minister of Information, claimed the move was after the Kenyan Defense Forces (KDF ) attacked a compound last week, killing civilians. Amisom has since promised to investigate the matter.

Although Mr Dubbe says the future procedure for any airstrike will require Amisom’s approval, it was actually the protocol under Amisom under which KDF is operating in Somalia .

With the reopening of heaven, the focus is now shifting to whether the two countries can reopen their embassies, which were closed last December at the height of a diplomatic dispute.