Dec 9, 2021

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Kenya: Taliban should reform to include women, allow aid access

At a briefing on the situation in Afghanistan, Kenya, along with other African members, Tunisia and Niger, pushed for an adequate security architecture to prevent the country from becoming an active haven for terrorists.

But the African group, also known as A3 Plus 1, which includes the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, said the immediate crisis in Afghanistan was food shortages and amenities for the displaced and a government that completely excludes women.

“[We] highlighted the need for women to have full and meaningful participation in all aspects of Afghan life, including grassroots and leadership,” said Mike Kiboino, Kenya’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

“[We] urged the Taliban to take immediate steps to improve governance and achieve truly inclusive governance g that reflects the interests of all major ethno-political diversity groups. “

The Taliban took power in August after the US and the Allies withdrew after 20 years of supporting a civilian government whose president before taking the Capital Kabul fled by the Taliban.

But the council members have debated whether they should employ the Taliban, a group that is heavily sanctioned by the council itself and its members, to become permanent members like the US. These penalties include a ban on humanitarian supplies to areas previously controlled by the Taliban, as well as financial restrictions on its members.

At the beginning of winter in Afghanistan, the question was raised whether the Council would allow exemptions from these sanctions could for humanitarian supplies.

India’s Permanent Representative, TS Tirmurti, said at the briefing session that there should be direct access to humanitarian supplies without disabilities.

“Humanitarian aid should be on the principles neutrality, impartiality and independence as well as the disbursement of aid should be non-discriminatory and accessible to all, regardless of ethnicity, religion or political conviction, “said the Indian representative.

” Aid should especially the most vulnerable Reach out first – including women, children and minorities. ”

In the South Asian region, India had Itarian aid on 10th. The countries agreed to a “Delhi Declaration”.

“The situation in Afghanistan remains a matter of grave concern. As an immediate neighbor and longtime friend of his people, the current situation has a direct impact on India. ”

Whether the Taliban is set up as a formal government or whether it continues to be treated as a banned group can determine how or whether humanitarian aid is given to those in need achieved.

But the Council passed Resolution 2593, which calls for an inclusive, negotiated political solution with full and “meaningful” participation of women and minorities, equality and humanitarian aid. .

“Without creative, flexible and constructive engagement by the international community in Afghanistan, the economic situation will deteriorate while poverty and extremism increase,” said Deborah Lyons, the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy in Afghanistan.

Lyons told the council that poverty is likely to worsen the security situation, which in turn will make it more difficult for minorities and other special groups to enjoy peace.

“What We” Are Working Again with The Taliban, the de facto authority, this is the policy they are now trying to implement to ensure they have the necessary systems, segregated classrooms, and teachers that they need to have girls in high school and universities . ”

Afghanistan can be restricted from access to important financial resources under the Taliban. However, the UK said the World Bank should reuse the $ 1.5 billion from the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund to provide direct support to basic services.

“For their part, the Taliban should address the concerns of the international community Regarding terrorism and humanitarian aid, addressing access, safe passage, inclusive government and human rights, especially those of women and girls, “said James Kariuki, Deputy Permanent Representative of Great Britain to the United Nations.

The UK is calling on the Taliban to make it clear that it will not harbor foreign terrorists. But the London diplomat also said that it had to be guaranteed that nobody would be discriminated against.

“All children, including girls of all ages, should be able to go to school. All women should be able to work, have access to services and participate in public life. Educated healthy women and girls will contribute to peace, stability and development. “