Sep 20, 2021

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Kenyan among the remaining Guantanamo Bay detainees

Although the latest periodic review found that “there is no material question as to whether his continued detention is warranted,” Bajabu remains in detention. His detention number is ISN 10025.

Previous periodic reviews have resulted in the same verdict. Prior to the February 10 review, his status was also reviewed on August 20, 2020, according to documents pertaining to the Guantanamo detainees released by the U.S. Defense Periodic Review Secretariat.

At Any positive review can petition Bajabu to the US government to rid him. However, he may not leave the much-maligned detention center soon.

American authorities say Bajabu’s detention is necessary “to protect himself from an ongoing major threat to the security of the United States.”

The Sunday Nation failed to receive comment from the Home Office as we were told that Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i and Chief Secretary Karanja Kibicho were in Laikipia and Kirinyaga counties, respectively Representatives from Bajabus for his release and said he must be reunited with his family.

From the documents that Nation.Africa had inspected, the prisoner once stated that he wanted to be taken to an Arabic-speaking country is, which means that he does not want to return to Kenya.

“He has also agreed to take part in any rehabilitation or reintegration required. Bajabu longs to get on with his life … and is ready to reconnect with his wife and children, “his personal representative told the periodic examination committee in 2016.

” He’s looking forward to it to see his siblings and meet members of his family who were born during his detention. “

The statement added that Bajabu” … “.

The 48- Year old was arrested by Kenyan police in February 2007 on suspicion of belonging to al-Qaeda and his participation in the raids on the Paradise Hotel and an Israeli plane in Mombasa in 2002.


The officers the counter-terrorism police unit said they found Bajabu with a piece of paper that had contact information for his staff, including some in the UK.