Aug 9, 2022

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Kenyan cleared for release from Guantanamo Bay after 15 years

While Bajabu has been held at the facility since 2007, Duran has been detained there since 2006.

Bajabu was the only Kenyan prisoner held at the US military base used to kill suspected militants to detain and arrest terrorists arrested by US forces.

On Tuesday, the Periodic Review Board, a US agency established during Barack Obama’s administration to determine whether detainees were in the Facility were guilty of the decisions known on file that were posted on its website.

The Board of Directors, comprised of senior US officials from the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice and State; the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Office of Director of National Intelligence announced the evacuation of Bajabu and Duran in order to pave the way for their eventual release and transfer to second countries for rehabilitation.

Once an inmate for Once released, he cannot leave prison until the US has reached a diplomatic agreement with another country to release them.

According to CNN, Duran, a Somali man, has been in prison since then sits in 2006, was cleared by the board, according to his lawyer Shane Kadidal.

Terrorist attacks in Mombasa

Mr Kadidal told CNN that he had heard of the board’s decision regarding his client on Monday Learned.

Bajabu has been accused by the US of developing close ties with al-Qaeda in East Africa and of maintaining relationships with high-ranking members.

He was also accused of planning and implementation gt of terrorist attacks in Mombasa, Kenya in 2002.

He has never been charged with a crime.

Mark Maher, an associate of the Reprieve US human rights group attorney who represents him , told CNN: “Today’s decision is wonderful news for Abdul Malik, who has been wrongly detained without charge or trial for 15 years.”

He continued, “He longs to be with his Family reunited and we hope the Biden government will see his release swiftly. “

Of the 64 prisoners who received the Board’s decisions, 38 were from the PRBs released for transfer, and further indefinite detention was recommended for 26 detainees.

36 of the 38 detainees released for transfer by the PRBs have been released from Guantanamo to their home or third countries.