Oct 21, 2021

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Kibicho wants police insurance budget raised to Sh7bn

The National Police Service calls for an increase in coverage for officers to put them on a par with other officers.

Inner PS Karanja Kibicho urged MPs to consider budget adjustments to add Sh 7 billion group life insurance coverage for the 130,452 police officers from the current provision of 2.3 billion Shillings.

When they appeared before the Security Committee of the National Assembly, the PS argued that police officers are more vulnerable than other civilians / p>

“With health insurance, you get what you pay for. We will need more and better protection for police officers who are at risk than officers who work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and get more bonuses than the police, ”Kibicho said that officers have problems with the low coverage when seeking services in various hospitals .

“There is a gap between what they (the police) qualify for and what they don’t. We want police officers and civil servants to be treated equally, “said the PS.

The National Hospital Insurance Fund is currently providing the National Police Service with comprehensive health insurance, group life insurance, end-of-life insurance and work injury benefits and Kenya Prisons Service.

< p> Kibicho also called for an amendment to the Work Injury Benefits Act 2007 to exclude the National Police Service and Kenya Prisons as in the case of the Kenya Defense Forces.

“Police officers are on duty 24 hours and are not on duty restricts a certain work environment, while the law defines active service in a job and within a certain period of time within a day as a beneficiary. ” said the PS.

The PS said the budget adjustment would go a long way towards harmonizing insurance benefits for civil servants with those of other civil servants.

National Treasury in March 2020 The Official Gazette notice enabled the NHIF to improve medical, group life and final reimbursement for officials and police for one year.

However, Kibicho says there is a need to negotiate with NHIF to improve services to both the NPS and KPS officers.

One of the Home Office’s prayers to MPs is that NHIF promptly pay all pending claims and final charges within 48 hours of the death of an officer.

The PS also wants the testing and treatment of Covid-19 to be made available in all relevant NHIF-accredited health facilities.

Kibicho even made an MEP answer They wanted to know why the police force switched insurance providers from Pioneer Insurance Company.

Legislators also required an explanation of why the budget for police officers’ insurance was with the Department and not with the National Police Service Commission .

Mwathi asked for answers as to whether the NPSC was involved in the NHIF agreement and whether the Commission was aware of the terms.

His sent The measures were supported by Nyakach’s MP Aduma Owuor, who pointed out that the budget must be with the Commission.

Makali Mulu of Kitui Central said it would be fair for NPSC to take over the welfare of the police officers and be allocated the budget for these functions.

“We need to make sure that funds follow functions. Let’s do this in accordance with the spirit of the constitution, ”said Mulu.

This followed the concerns of NPSC chairman Eliud Kinuthia, who was also present. He criticized the lack of proper information flow between the Commission, the Ministry and the NHIF.

“We can see progress. The flow of information between the Ministry of the Interior, us and the NHIF needs to be improved. Maybe the officers aren’t getting the right cards, ”he said regarding concerns police officers face while seeking services in hospitals.

Assistant Inspector General Edward Mbugua said the officers only have one card for that If you have social security, you have to provide comprehensive insurance cover.

“Hospitals do not know whether the card can be used. Police officers must be given a different card. Without this, officials will continue to complain. Hospitals don’t know that most of us only have social security cards, “said Mbugua.

Kibicho denied the existence of a rift between the commission and the ministry, saying they work well with the common goal of ensuring that the officers report back to work.

“When the problems arise, we address them. We are dedicated to improving communication, ”he said.

Nevertheless, the comprehensive insurance coverage for civil servants covers inpatient, outpatient, dental, optical and other specialized medical services.

In addition, have Officials are entitled to annual medical checkups for themselves and their spouse, ambulance, air and sea evacuation, overseas treatment, and final expenses.

– Published by SKanyara