Nov 29, 2022

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‘Kijabe Hospital guards broke my limbs as I took care of kin admitted in ICU’

A leading hospital in Kiambu County is on hand after its security forces allegedly attacked a nurse earlier this month in a bizarre incident that left the victim bedridden with broken limbs.

Mr. John Mbugua, 21, was reportedly brutally beaten by guards at Kijabe Mission Hospital on June 1 after an altercation at the gate as he exited the facility where he had been staying for nearly a month.

He had been taking care of his sister, brother-in-law and their two children, who had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after a horrific traffic accident on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. Three other relatives were killed in the Easter weekend crash.

Mr Mbugua’s sister, her husband and one of their children were later released as he stayed to look after his nephew-to-be.


All was well until June 1, when the guards reportedly attacked him after a misunderstanding at the gate as he left after being relieved by his sister. The guards wanted to know if he had permission to leave the facility.

He was familiar with hospital policy and knew that a nurse must obtain written permission to be let out. He was allowed to leave the country twice before. On this day, however, the approval notice had not yet been stamped because it was a public holiday; Madaraka Day.

“I showed the letter but was not allowed to leave. It had to be stamped. I had it stamped and then returned to the gate to clear it. The nurses had come to intervene,” he recalled.

“However, they insisted that I be accompanied by someone I had left behind. My sister, who came to relieve me, was still on crutches and couldn’t walk to the gate. I explained the circumstances to the guards, but they wouldn’t hear about it.”

At this point, the nurses came to his rescue and he was allowed to go. When he thought the standoff was over and thanked the nurses for their help, a female guard suddenly claimed he had insulted her.

“I didn’t, but she called for backup. The other guards came and immediately punched and kicked me. They were about seven. Then they pushed me into a room, where they beat me in shifts until I passed out,” Mr Mbugua said.

All he remembers is waking up in a hospital bed. He lost his identity card and 1,000 Sh. The family also had to part with Sh13,836 for treatment.

“I am now bedridden and struggling to return to normal life,” he told the Nation. The matter was reported to the Kijabe Police Station.

The medical report seen by the nation says he suffered “serious bodily harm” amounting to “mutilation or endangering life, or seriously or permanently impairing health.” . . The hospital admitted that a patient’s loved one was assaulted at the facility.

“The hospital is aware of an alleged attack on a patient’s loved one on June 1st. An internal audit has already taken place to ensure compliance with established standard procedures,” it said on June 9. “The hospital is also fully cooperating with the local police and providing them with available assistance and evidence to enable a speedy resolution of the investigation.”

Sources told the Nation the hospital had a letter to the Wrote to the police and asked for a new investigation.