Nov 28, 2021

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KRA on spot as tax default rises by Sh1trn in a year

Kenyans may have no taxes of Sh 1.04 trillion in a year. paid. This raised the tax amount to 1.5 trillion shutter as of June 30, 2020.

Auditor General Nancy Gathungu has cast doubts that the Kenya Revenue Authority has taken reasonable steps to collect or collect the outstanding revenue Settling debts.

In their latest audit by the tax office for the period June 30, 2020, the auditor announced that the outstanding balance in 2019 was $ 415 billion.

< p> Gathungu warned that if the strategies implemented by the tax official do not produce results, the outstanding balance will continue to rise.

“My opinion will not be changed on this matter,” said the auditor in her report presented to Parliament on Nov. 18.

She said the agency headed by Commissioner General Githii Mburu had indicated that a debt review was underway and various debt reduction strategies were in progress KRA reported that it improved debt collection and corrected taxpayers’ ledger rections and reconciliations erroneous penalties and interest, as well as the processing of applications for tax exemptions.

KRA is also in the right place because taxpayers are not doing well overpayments, which as of June 30, 2020 amounted to 106 billion Shillings. have risen.

The amount was around Sh 20 billion. higher than in the year ended June 30, 2019, when reimbursement claims were still at 86 billion Shillings.

“Should the agency not receive increased funding from the National Treasury for the payment of approved claims, reimbursement claims will be as stated escalate further, “said Gathungu.

Management had indicated that various measures were taken, including reorganization and additional staffing of the reimbursement department to speed up the repayment process.

KRA also said that it was taking steps to resolve system challenges in a timely manner and seeking improved funding from the National Treasury for payment of approved claims.

Gath ungu has also raised concerns that Kenyans may not have received public service services, after a tax collection of Sh 37 billion in the reporting year, the targeted 1.646 trillion Shr., which turned into a Fe A total of Sh37.3 billion resulted.

The auditor said that the sub-collection of the budget was translated into equivalent services that were budgeted for the public but not delivered to the public.

“Therefore, management needs to rethink its revenue-collecting mechanism to ensure revenue-collecting strategies are improved to fill the gap,” said Gathungu.

KRA announced compliance in October Continue to advance by investing in modern technology to increase tax mobilization efficiency.

The agency also said it will step up its fight against tax evasion to ensure no revenue is lost. to a positive performance in the first quarter of the fin financial year.

The tax officer raised 476 billion Shillings during the period. and thus exceeded his target for July to September by Sh 15 billion.