Sep 19, 2021

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Laikipia: Former MP Matthew Lempurkel denies hate speech charges

Mr. Lempurkel was arrested at his home in Ongata Rongai on Wednesday for questioning on the matter, said Rift Valley Regional Coordinator George Natembeya.

The arrest came as tensions built in the uncertainty that continued to build from the devastated area.

The ex-lawmaker was charged Thursday in connection with attacks on communities that resulted in multiple deaths.

He appeared before the chief magistrate by Milimani, Sinkiyian Tobiko, after spending a night at Capitol Hill Police Station in Nairobi and was released on cash bail of Sh150,000.

On Wednesday, Ms. Days, and said the investigated crimes were committed two months ago.

She asked why the security authorities a day after Mr. Lempurkel and other Maa leaders met with Interior Minister Fred Matiang’i and other security officials Chiefs had met to talk about the Laikipia skirmish went into action.

In court on Thursday, magistrate defense attorneys Thomas Otieno Kajwang, Saitabao ole Kanchory and Harun Ndubi asked to take note of that the problems affecting Laikipia stem from historical injustices and land issues that need to be addressed at the national level.

Charges challenged

Ms. Tobiko has learned that hundreds of people have been killed forced to flee their homes due to the fighting, allegedly based on the former MP’s statement, which was broadcast on a local TV station between July 11th and 17th.

Mr Lempurkel is accused of being the Maasai – Urging community in Laikipia to rise up against the owners of ranches and nature reserves in the county.

In his arguments, Mr. Ndubi said the words were written in the indictment those by officials from the Director of Prosecution and were not the exact words his client uttered on a Maa TV show.

The attorney also noted that the actual words were translated by National Cohesion officials and Integration (NCI) were not reported.

He further informed the court that charges of murder, violence and robbery, cattle theft and property destruction have turned into hate speech.

That charge is an offense, the penalty of which is a fine of no more than Sh1 million or a prison term of no more than three years, he also said, adding that the defense team will contest the validity of the charge at a later date. p>

Other arguments

Mr Kanchory asked the judge to release him The former MP said he was not at risk of escaping.

He added that the defendant is unemployed, therefore has no income and from the Aus effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Kajwang noted that the drought, which forced hundreds of Samburu herders from their original homes in search of pasture for their animals, has since become a national one Disaster has been declared.

He added, “I will appeal to the court.” to take into account the section of the indictment dealing with grass and land owned by investors and the Maa community when setting bail, which prosecutors did not oppose. “

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The prosecutor told the magistrate that after the investigation was closed, a new charge against Mr Lempurkel may be charged.

Ms. Tobiko released the defendant on cash bail of Sh150,000 and instructed him to provide details of his residence.

The case will open in September before Chief Justice Bernard Ochoi mentioned for issuing pre-trial instructions.

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