Sep 20, 2021

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Lawyer reveals whereabouts of Akasha twins

The teenagers converted from Islam to Christianity and started an argument at home.

Attorney Weldon Korir learned that the missing teenagers had not been kidnapped, as was their grandmother Hayat Akasha from the police at the Dandora Police Station Hayathad also alleged in court that the teenagers were picked up by an unidentified car near their home in Nairobi on August 2, 2021, after she sent them to have breakfast at a store Buy.

She said the main suspects in the saga were four of her neighbors who she claimed may have orchestrated the disappearances because they were very close to the twins.

But the court heard on Thursday that the teenagers who last lived in on the morning of August 2nd with a man who lives in their neighborhood are now living with the Federation of Women Lawyers (Fida-Kenya).

< p> They are traumatized and are afraid of some of their family A Fida lawyer told the court. The attorney said the teenagers were safe and secure.

Before the disappearance, the older woman had been the primary caretaker for the teenagers since childhood.

According to Hayat’s attorney, Dr. John Khaminwa, one of the teenagers, is pregnant and lives with her ailing mother and a six-year-old sibling in a house provided by Fida.

During the mention of a court case in which the Hayathas sued the state because of the disappearance, Dr. Khanimwa informed the court that the family owns a mosque at home.

“This is a case that is inherently delicate and requires maturity and caution. The family has a mosque at home that their grandfather built and they are Muslims. But the two girls have converted to Christianity and one is pregnant, “said Mr. Khamniwa.

During the virtual court session, the two teenagers told the court that they were fine at Fida and that they were ready for mediation, but only with her father.

When asked by the judge about her well-being, they replied: “We’re fine here and we’re fine. We have no complaints … we have food. We only want to meet our father, nobody else … we don’t want to meet anyone else. “

” When we meet our father, we ask him to meet in court for our safety and protection and he should come alone ” they told the judge.

Fida’s lawyer told the court that the girls’ whereabouts could not be disclosed for their own protection.

“I confirm in court, that they are safe and secure wherever they live with their mother and younger sibling. For security reasons, the location remains secret until the facts are finally clarified. They have voiced trauma and may not feel safe to meet some family members face to face, “the attorney said.

Attorney Khaniwa asked the court to allow mediation to resolve the family dispute, as he did promised the girls that there would be no violence or harm.

“The young people have shown willingness (to mediate). We need to make arrangements to meet in a location convenient for them. Although they are just over 18 years old, they need care and support, ”said Khaminwa.

Judge Korir granted the application and instructed the lawyers to mediate between the family members. He instructed her to go to court with an update on the mediation exercise after a month.

The case will be mentioned on October 13th.