Jun 13, 2021

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Macabre murder of granny, 70, shocks Kisumu

In a terrible incident, a teenager reportedly beheaded his grandmother and casually brought the severed head in a bucket to the police station, where it surrendered.

With the as-yet-unknown motive, the Nyalenda locals are still in shock.

Kevin Okal, 19, the grandson of the murdered woman, is in police custody.

Neighbors interviewed said the man was a petty criminal.

They added that a month ago he stabbed a man and was once sent to a Borstal facility for being found on drugs.

During one of the holiest days on the Christian calendar, Jane Adhiambo was, 70, was supposed to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but was instead killed in the most barbaric manner.

“Kevo asked me to take him to the central police station. He had a basket with a bag in his left hand while his right hand was holding a yellow bucket. I assumed he was having a meal with an imprisoned relative or friend, ”21-year-old Gideon Odhiambo told the Nation .

There was silence for the ten years between the two young men – minutes drive, he said.

Cruel killing

Okal got off his motorcycle at the police station, paid the Sh50 fare and casually went to the registration office.

“I found out about the gruesome murder 15 minutes later when the police came to get the body. What happened hit me very hard. I’ve known Kevo since we were a kid. Why did he kill his grandmother? Why did he kill her? I couldn’t sleep on Monday, “said a distraught Odhiambo.

” While we were driving to the police station, Kevo asked me to stop at a store to buy airtime. His bags and bucket were on my motorcycle, but I had no idea. I didn’t even touch her. “

Friends and relatives have started to urge Mr. Odhiambo to visit elders in the village to” clean up “them.

” Many people have told me to go cleaning ‘Fear of evil spirits might follow me. I will not do this because I am praying. I am neither guilty nor involved in the murder of the poor woman, “added Odhiambo.

In Nyalenda, the metal door of the victim’s house – now a crime scene – remained locked yesterday. Ms. Adhiambo’s relationships have not emerged since the murder.

Curious onlookers watched the scene from a distance. The neighbors said Okal was to himself and often molested his grandmother for money, food, and other basic necessities.

Hours before she found her death, Ms. Adhiambo bought a packet of milk and a loaf of bread from a nearby store 10.30am.

She was never seen again, but Okal was spotted by neighbors around noon pouring dirty water from a yellow bucket before leaving.

Stab a man

Little is known about his parents as he has lived with his grandmother since childhood.

No family member was around, as is usually the case in local culture to begin with funeral arrangements.

Okal attended the Pand Pieri Elementary School in Kisumu. He didn’t go to secondary school. Friends said he was a disciplined student.

“I took him to the church of the Ministry of Penance and Holiness in Kasagam. Kevo was an average student. He’s also tried his luck at carpentry, ”Mr Odhiambo told the Nation .

But some neighbors had a different view of the man.

“ He never did help his grandmother with chores and always returned home drunk. He’s a bhang smoker and would scream while demanding food from her, “said a neighbor.

The neighbor added that Okal would insist on keeping the rent that the old’s tenants are paying Wife received at the end of each month

Another said Okal recently stabbed a man and disappeared for a month.

He was reportedly taken to Shikusa Juvenile Detention Center in Kakamega in 2017 when found guilty of stealing a phone and being in possession of multiple bhang rolls.

Children in such facilities do not receive formal education but are assigned to work in teams on the prison grounds .

You will receive training in tailoring. Carpentry, sign writing, brick making, farming and other skills.

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