Jan 27, 2023

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Man in window damage case says officer assaulted his pregnant wife

A man charged with breaking 17 windows at a police station in an altercation with an officer who allegedly insulted his wife-to-be now wants the case to go to the Supreme Court where he says he wants to seek justice for his spouse.

He also asked Milimani Chief Justice Wandia Nyamu to refer the case for constitutional interpretation to determine if he is legally charged.


“I call on your honor to review this case for constitutional consideration to refer to the High Court whether I face legal prosecution for defending my wife against harassment by a police officer,” Justine Onami Osinde told Ms Nyamu.

Mr Osinde told the court how and why he was at Ngara Police Station landed.

House locked by landlord

House locked by landlord


He announced that the house he shared with his wife had been closed by his landlord because of rent arrears. He and his wife-to-be then went to a guest house in Ngara to rent a room for the night while he looked for money to pay the rent.

” I want to know if it’s right for a police officer I know to call my wife-to-be a prostitute,” he told the court.

He said that when They were looking for a room for them. That night the officer attacked his wife in front of the bar after she refused to dance with him.

“The officer left the bar and called my wife a prostitute while he was undressing her. That’s when I stepped in to protect her,” he told the judge.

He added that the other officers on duty had banded together against him and overpowered him.< /p>

Child Welfare

He said he is a father of five school-going children and his incarceration would jeopardize their welfare.

He was charged with breaking 17 windows at Ngara Police Station on July 4.

The court dismissed him bail of Sh20,000 to allow him to bring the constitutional motion to the High Court.

The case will be brought up within two weeks.