Feb 9, 2023

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Man killed in Mirema ‘kept a harem of drug queens’

Samuel Mugo Mugota, the man who was shot dead in broad daylight on Monday afternoon in Mirema, Kasarani, not only recruited women to spike the drinks of nightclub revelers, he also recruited unsuspecting young men to give them jobs promised by the government.

He visited a remote village and gathered about 50 young unemployed men and asked them to register new SIM cards, open three accounts in equity, co-operative and KCB banks and said that they are required by the Treasury Department to process payments.

Once back in town, he deposited cash stolen from his victims into these accounts and disappeared.

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Criminal Investigation unraveled the other side of Mugota yesterday. Records paint a picture of a man who loved women and used them to get his wealth from unsuspecting night owls.

Of being arrested 30 times in the last 11 years for using his victims’ help drugged in clubs and stolen from beautiful women, the DCI defines Mugota as a rogue millionaire whose wealth was amassed by exchanging ATMs and SIM cards stolen from his victims.

“He operated like a criminal mafia organization, was a multi-millionaire with multiple properties scattered across the city, a fleet of vehicles, and seven wives…” management said.

One of the alleged wives, identifying on Facebook as Mary Meddih Wa Jesu praised him for a day after news of his death broke.

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“The egg n noble man who made me a mother was killed in cold blood…I don’t know how our son will grow without you but I will keep your legacy through him…May your killer never knows peace…” posted you. The post has since been deleted.

According to DCI, Mugota’s criminal life began in 2011 when he stole ATM cards in various banks by loitering around ATMs and offering to help customers who were having trouble, mostly in in the evening hours.

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He would Working with him were rogue bank employees who blocked the machines whenever a customer inserted their ATM card, then Mugota approached the customer and offered his help. Detectives said he had a liking for Co-Operative Bank ATMs.

“He inserted the customer card, then pretended to be facing away and asked the customer to enter their password and confirm the balance before withdrawing.

However, since the machines eject the ATM card first, he would get his hands on the card while the unsuspecting customer waited for the cash,” the DCI said.< /p>

In an incident in 2018, the DCI at an ATM in Kayole said it had transferred Sh700,000 in a single transaction via Pesalink from the account of a woman he was supporting.

The woman had gone to the ATM booth to verify that a loan she had requested had been deposited into her account.

“When she learned of the incident, she collapsed and died,” the DCI said .

Mugota would then gradually expand his “business” to stealing from politicians, high-ranking officials , pastors and top businessmen with the help of beautiful women, ruthless bankers and police officers who would give him clues whenever an ambush was laid for him. He would make more than 1 million shillings in a day.

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Despite being indicted in almost all courts in Nairobi and Kiambu, Mugota reached a settlement with the complainant and offered to pay it back and get back to business.

At the time of his death, he had more employs more than 50 beautiful women who he used as spike agents at various high-end pleasure venues from Kiambu Road, Ruaka-Kamiti Road and Roysambu to Zimmerman. Joints include Whiskey River, Switch Annex, Oklahoma, Cascada, Red Lion, Aroma, and Dragon.

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“This has resulted in broken marriages, many men requiring hospitalization and others dying from an overdose of a narcotic drug, identified only as ‘Tamuu’, intended to be given to patients with mental disorders,” added the DCI.

The DCI believes Mugota was killed in a deal gone awry after one of his female employees sold him.

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