Oct 3, 2022

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‘Mchele’ gang: With bhajia and ‘Desperado’, Nairobi woman swindled me off Sh200, 000

It ended just as it began, with story and tragedy.

A true definition of beauty for Geoffrey Waithaka, turned out to be one of those amazing thieves who drugged and stole from victims have been in Nairobi nightclubs.

On May 7th, after a long day at work, Mr. Waithaka, 32, decided to go to the Sizzling Hotel and Restaurant on Moi Avenue in Nairobi and relax for the evening.

A place he frequented, he went to his favorite corner and ordered sausage, samosa and bhajia. He also asked for two drinks.

As he enjoyed his food and drink, he noticed a gorgeous short-haired brown woman in orange mini shorts and a sleeved dress sitting alone and looking at him.

“The lady went to the counter and I asked her to join me. She came over, took a piece of my bhajia and left. Later she gestured with a finger for me to join her at her table and I obeyed. I saw no evil in it,” said Mr. Waithaka.

The hunter had become the hunted.

He was glad to have joined the beautiful woman and thought he had one Jackpot hit.

After chatting for a while, Mr. Waithaka concluded that his newfound friend had a good grasp of politics, current affairs and economics. This made him relax and let his guard down.

After talking to the woman for almost an hour, he received a call apologizing. He didn’t know what to expect when he returned to the table.

“My mother called me and I left the table for about eight minutes. I came back to that table and continued eating. I even offered to buy her two more drinks. Shortly after, I became dizzy and nauseous, which was unusual,” Waithaka said.

In order to please his mate, even though he felt unwell, he tried to finish his meal, but all to no avail.

“I tried to finish my meal and continue talking to this lady, but I felt weak. I went to the washroom and started vomiting foam. When I came back I told her I wasn’t feeling well and was going home,” he said.

He added, “I paid for everything and when we got to the front of the hotel, I started starting to puke again. Because she saw me struggling, she offered to take me to my house in Embakasi because I couldn’t walk properly,” he said.

For him, it was an act of a good Samaritan. It was showtime for them.

Mr Waithaka had never experienced what was about to happen to him.

“I had heard the stories but I had never experienced it myself, so when they offered to help me, I thought it was in good faith,” he said.

When the two reached Pipeline, Embakasi, where he lives, he thought he was safe.


The only thing he remembers was turning on the light and then lying down when the woman offered him a piece of chicken they had bought.

“She gave me a Piece of chicken that I took. I didn’t even finish it because my throat was sore from too much vomiting and she turned on the tv and it was all news until she asked for my flash drive to start a movie which I gave her. That’s how I remembered it,” says Mr. Waithaka.

“I woke up Monday noon to my laptop, three phones and 7,300 Sh7,300 gone. I lost Sh194,300 worth of gadgets,” he said.

Mr Waithaka had been under the influence of a drug for over 48 hours and decided to rush to Bliss Healthcare for medical attention as he was under suffered from a numbing headache. He was found to be intoxicated with an unknown substance.

After the tests, he went to the Central Police Station to report the incident on Monday to OB153/09/05/2022. Since then, he’s been led around in circles, he says.

“I went to the police, wrote down my statement and they assigned me an officer who asked me to come with my flash disc and CCTV

“What the hotel has provided me with, however, is a two-minute clip of me sitting alone eating,” he said. He added that he suspected hotel managers were covering up the incident.

“I asked them for this lady’s number as she paid with M-Pesa, but they refused” , he said.

Sizzling manager Dan Oyuga told Nation.Africa that only the police can access customers’ specific data if they produce an official letter requesting the data.< /p>

“This alleged incident occurred at his home, not at our hotel. According to the footage, he offered to join this lady. The police already came and we released the CCTV footage,” Mr. Oyuga.