Jul 26, 2021

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Mentally ill passenger kicked out of Mombasa-bound SGR train

The elderly man, who is mentally ill, took the Madaraka Express at 8 a.m. from the Nairobi terminal in Syokimau to the coastal city.

How he managed to pass the strict controls through the terminal in Nairobi Passing an invalid ticket only to be thrown off the train en route is the biggest mystery that Kenya Railways and the Chinese operator has put on new public scrutiny.

Kenya Railways says Mr. Mwangi is Got on the train that early morning -County from Nairobi to Mombasa. During a routine ticket inspection on the train, the operators discovered that Mr Mwangi was in possession of an invalid ticket.

Invalid ticket

“The invalid ticket belonged to a passenger who had traveled the day before from Mombasa to Nairobi, “Kenya Railways said in a statement. However, no explanation was given of how it was possible for Mr Mwangi to go through all the checks at the terminus in Nairobi before boarding the train with an invalid ticket.

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Kenya Railways stated that the procedure requires that any passenger found on the train with an invalid ticket must either pay for the ticket at the destination or get off at the nearest station .

The train crew asked the 74-year-old to call his family members to pay for his trip, but he had no phone or contact to get help. Under pressure from the crew, Mr. Mwangi decided to disembark at the Athi River Station. However, being ill, he did not know where to go and is now missing three days later.

Mr. Mwangi’s family have since filed a missing person report with the police. Kenya Railways insists that it has not been advised that the passenger had any special needs and that the procedure requires that those in need of special attention be accompanied by their relatives or that the relatives notify the train staff in advance if they are traveling unaccompanied .

Extreme respect

“We want to make it clear that KR officers treated the passenger with the utmost respect and followed the required procedures when such incidents occurred,” said Kenya Railways. < / p>

“We would like to inform our valued customers that we are not taking this matter lightly and are working closely with the police who have distributed the missing persons report to all police stations across the country in the hope of Mr. Mwangi to reunite with his family, “added the authorities.

This is not the first time the train has been caught on the wrong side In the early days of his work there were reports of passengers who died in emergencies on the train due to a lack of medical support and a poorly prepared crew.

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