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Mirema shooting: Inside the double life of Samuel Mugota

A man who was shot dead at a city property on Monday afternoon had expressed fear for his life. Family sources said Samuel Mugo Mugota, 39, who was shot dead six times by a lone gunman in Mirema Drive, Kasarani subdistrict, hinted to his older brother that his life could be cut short at any time.

Detectives said the Evidence they had gathered up until yesterday identified Mugota as a highly mysterious man.

They explained that not even a woman who claimed to have lived with him for 16 years had a clear idea of ​​Mugota’s past seems to have what he did for a living.

Ms. Winni Wambui, who lives on Kenyatta Road in Kiambu County, told detectives she had three children with Mugota.

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In her statement, Ms. Wambui said her husband was a former police officer who sold electronics.

Detectives , but denied the allegation and said there were no records information about him on duty. Family sources went on to describe Mugota as a teetotaler and a “difficult man” who kept to himself.

“Three weeks ago he called and told me his life had reached an impasse. He did not reveal what is bothering him. I insisted that we discuss the issue over the phone and not wait for a physical meeting. He said no. That’s the last I heard from him,” recalled Mr. Timothy Wachira, his brother, in a statement filed with Kasarani Police Station yesterday.

It was also stated that Mugota’s other wife , who has been identified as Ruth Kamene , lives at Githurai 44. She was yet to give a statement to the police at press time.

Ms Wambui told the nation that on the day Mugota was gunned down, left his home at 8 a.m.

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It however, she was unclear as to what happened between that time and a few minutes before 2pm when her husband was gunned down by a man who had escaped in a getaway vehicle.

In an interview at Kasarani police station, Ms. said Wambui of the nation that all attempts to dig deeper into her husband’s life always led to a cor personal altercation.

Detectives told the nation Mugoti was a criminal who was most likely killed by his fellow gangsters over a business deal, don’t be mad.

They said the evidence gathered at the scene pointed to it indicates that he was killed by people who knew him well and only wanted him dead.

To support their execution theory, the detectives said nothing was stolen from Mugota. A laptop, five cellphones and nine ID cards were found in the Honda CRV motor vehicle he was driving.

Detectives said their suspicions that Mugota was a criminal were corroborated by the fact that four of the The holders of the ID cards, found in the car Mugota was driving, said they lost the documents after their drinks were spiked at entertainment venues, after which their bank accounts were drained.

Detectives visited the Crime scene again and pulled out more CCTV footage helps investigation.

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“We’ve retrieved more CCTV footage from neighboring apartments,” Kasarani told DCIO Vincent Kipkorir to The Nation.

Detectives denied claims that Mugota was a woman dropped when attacked. They said the CCTV footage they collected did not show a woman exiting the vehicle.

CCTV camera footage shows Mugoti driving a Honda CRV, registration number KBY 453R.

Shortly thereafter, a gun-armed man fired bullets at him at point-blank range and escaped in a getaway vehicle.

The Nation noted that the Honda CRV was identified as a Registered property of ICEA Lion General Insurance Company Ltd. Records from the National Transport and Safety Agency show Mr. Ambrose Mbugua Kirobi, an agronomist, as the previous owner of the car.

ICEA communications manager Nkatha Gitonga clarified that the car belonged to one of the company’s customers.

“He was involved in an accident in February 2021 and was written off. We paid the customer for the write-off and ownership was transferred back to us,” she explained, adding that the car was subsequently sold in a scrap auction in August 2021.

“The transfer of ownership is the Buyer’s Responsibility. To date, ownership of the vehicle has not been transferred,” she added.

Mr Wachira said his brother’s funeral will be held in Nyahururu this week. The body is currently at the Kenyatta University Funeral Home.

But as the family prepares to bury Mugota, a dispute is brewing between his two wives, with the family insisting that she be Ms. Kamene only know as such Mugota’s wife.

This came amid allegations that Ms. Wambui had asked the police to give her the identification documents they found on the deceased.