Sep 19, 2021

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Mistaken for a slay queen, Yvonne Moraa spends sleepless nights telling off ‘sponsors’

The last month has been tough for Yvonne Moraa as she has received all sorts of insults and some friends have left her.

Everything comes from a TV show where she shows how desperate girls date older Men for financial support and a lavish lifestyle; Colloquially referred to as “sponsorship culture”. However, some are abused and even miss the money.

Interestingly, her role seems to have inadvertently sent the wrong message to the men as many tried to reach her for “romantic dates”. You can’t separate the actress from the role she’s playing.

Some of her friends allegedly leaked their contacts on social media and now she has to keep responding to requests from men who think she ” Sponsors “entertains.

Send transport

” I always get calls from strangers asking for sex. Some even say they send me a transport (fare). It’s just disgusting to see how some men treat young innocent girls. I just played on the show, now people treat me like the character I played. I’m just trying to legitimately make a living through art, “says Ms. Moraa.

Some public figures, including former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, even swore,” The man who she molested “sue viral clip. He criticized the ‘sponsor’ only to find out later that it was a TV show.

“Siku hizi these sponsors have become too many, Kama hujui kuomba kill queen Pole Pole aisha kukunywa enda ulale . I’m now inactive hebu huyu dame achukue P3 anitafute tuinue huyu shoga ”, Mr Sonko had posted on his Facebook page.

Loosely translated, he meant:“ Sponsors have become ‘too much’. If you can’t politely seduce a “killing queen”, just put off your drink and go home. Since I am now inactive, this lady should request a P3 form and seek legal assistance from me. ”

The Ekegusii television drama ‘Bosongo Chituka’ is broadcast on Ndizi TV. The “insulting clip” is from episode 12. It is about a young girl named Sabiri who leaves her village and goes to the town of Kisii in search of greener pastures.

She is recorded by a friend, it often goes in the evening and comes back in the morning. She is a sex worker, but it takes Sabiri a while to find out the truth. After the honeymoon is over, the host asks her to go out and work. Sabiri left her child with her parents, who also put pressure on her to send money home.

End of reception

She starts dating men older than her father, they pay for their services. Often it can be found on the receiving end. Some customers take advantage of their naivete; some refuse to pay.

One of their potential customers is a wealthy man their father’s age. They drank whiskey in a popular club, but Sabiri has no interest in sleeping with him. The angry “sponsor” later beats her up in a room and tries to strangle her while trying to stifle her resistance to his sexual advances.

“Are you listening?” There is time for friendships and there is time for business. This is business “, he yells at Sabiri and throws her on the couch.

Sabiri collapses, helplessly at the mercy of the” sponsor “, actor Obino Nyambane, the cultural director of the Kisii district.” I don’t know who edited the drama and posted the clip on social media. The aim was to embarrass me. It’s vicious, “he notes.

Mr. Nyambane is a seasoned actor who is used to controversy He is a teacher and an accomplished screenwriter and director. Before joining the county team, he taught Swahili and geography for over 30 years.

Unfortunately, society judges a woman harshly and she has had to pay a higher price for theirs Pay role. “I’m the one who suffers on the clip and unfortunately people are bullying me now,” she says.

As a young, inexperienced actress, she entered the industry last year and this was hers first TV break.


“This is my first serious P project, but people have taken it out of context and a lot of accusing me of prostitution, ”she says, noting that young men think that in real life they are dating“ sponsors ”and tell her that they are“ more energetic. “

Nursing Student

Ms. Moraa is a nursing student at Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in Migori and is trying to raise money for her graduate degree. “I hope to continue acting. It inspired me that nothing is easy, ”she notes.

Kisii County Youth Director Douglas Arege says the film reflects what is happening in society as many young girls suffer in silence.

“Moraa needs money to complete her nursing degree, and instead of executives judging her and making her feel guilty, they should help her by paying her dues,” he says.

” Lots of bad things happen in society. While it is a reality that the drama portrays the plight of young girls in the hands of older, rich men, Moraa is not one of them. ”

He blames people for being quick to judge before they understand the context of the clip . “The Kenyans are too judgmental. You need to sober up while responding to problems. Managers should deal with problems that plague young people, “offers Mr. Arege.