Jul 28, 2021

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MPs probe Treasury over Sh600 million Ifmis tender award

The tender for the on-site support of Ifmis applications, the improvement of Ifmis-E-Procurement and the independent integrated financial management information system for the semi-autonomous government agency (SAGA) was submitting to a consortium led by Kingsway Business Systems Limited Sh647 awarded 0.06 million.

The other members of the consortium are Kobby Technologies Limited and Inplenion Eastern Africa Limited.

However, ADK Technologies Limited had theirs in a consortium with Transnational Computer Technology Limited Sh898 95 million bids were rejected by the National Treasury, the procurement agency.

The tender was split into two lots – Lot 1 had on-site support for Ifmis applications and improvement of Ifmis e-procurement and Lot 2 had the provision of an independent ifmis for the Semi-Autonomous Government Agency (SAGA) – NYS.

In a petition to parliament, the A DK-led consortium advised the National Treasury Chief Secretary Julius Muia to have the Kingsway-led consortium irregularly tendered.

ADK-led consortium

The petition from Mr Wond Wossen Mesfin on behalf of of the ADK-led consortium claims that Dr. Muia had due diligence and background checks carried out, Kingsway-led consortium should not have received the tender.

“The tendering process initiated and carried out by the procurement office is free of fairness, equality, transparency, competitiveness and illegal and full of forgeries “Deceptions and collusion”, alleges Mr. Mesfin in the petition before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly.

Mr. Mesfin has petitioned the Supervisory Committee, chaired by Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi, in which the procurement process is found to be discriminatory The constitution and the law on public procurement and the disposal of assets.

The consortium led by the ADK has criticized how technical and financial assessments were carried out.

The Kingsway Consortium achieved a combined technical and financial evaluation of on 92.06 percent versus 82.19 percent to A. Consortium led by DK.

“As a result of the procurement agency’s measures to evaluate the offers contrary to the objectives of the law, the successful bidder ultimately received higher points than he is entitled to and at the same time achieved a lower number of points for our consortium, “says Mesfin.

He said that the procurement office had not complied with the due diligence procedure provided for in public procurement law.

On Monday, Mr Wandayi said Nation that its committee will be fair in investigating.

“As a committee, we are fully involved in the matter.

” We will make every effort to give each party a fair hearing and to find a determination that shows the way forward, “said Wandayi.


Dr. Muia, who appeared before the committee last week, defended the tender as described above.

Management of the Kingsway-led consortium is expected to appear before the committee on Thursday. The petitioner claims that, according to the tender document, the technical binding criteria were that all bidders for the tender had to comply with a certain threshold.

This included at least two Oracle partner specializations or advanced specializations for the requested products – Oracle EBS Financial, Oracle EBS Supply Chain, Oracle SOA, Oracle Hyperion, Oracle BI and Oracle Database and Options.

“Our consortium fully met this requirement. The successful bidder – the consortium led by Kingsway Business Systems did not meet the requirements, “says the petitioner.

The petitioner claims that in August 2020, when the illegality was discovered, a complaint was lodged with the procuring entity’s accounting officer

The consortium led by the ADK had appealed to the PPARB (Public Procurement Administrative Review Board), but was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.

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