Oct 21, 2021

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Mt Kenya East leaders win battle with Kiyiapi over RBK party

The leaders of Mount Kenya East have successfully taken over the Kenya Restoration and Rebuilding Party affiliated with former educational PS James ole Kiyiapi.

The team led by Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi The court dismissed a motion contesting the takeover.

The presiding judge, Desma Nungo, said the motion by Alloysius Okotch and Peter Ondeng, The petitioners lost their offer to repeal the guidelines of Gazette Notice 7487, which announced the appointment of new RBK party officials.

The court also rejected the petitioners’ argument that the change in RBK officials had exposed the party to control by non-members.

“We have examined the file and found that the applicants are not mistaken have demonstrated parable damage that they are likely to suffer, “said the tribunal.

After the victory at the court, the party officials have set out and have organized a series of events to highlight the outfit .

RBK General Secretary Mugambi Imanyara said that they intend to rename the outfit “before a major relaunch”.

“Having overcome the legal hurdle is the party ready to rename themselves to recruit members, “he told the star.

Imanyara said they intend to enroll over a million members in the next three months.

” We’re making final arrangements to restart the party. We have many activities along the way and events that will lead to the founding of the party, “said the general secretary.

On the question of whether the party would run a presidential candidate, Imanyara said,” No presidential candidate has emerged. When that comes, we will consult as a party and agree on a way forward. “

” Our idea is to make the party known, to rename it, to win members and to get involved in the parliamentary elections to prepare in August 2022. “He said.

Mt Kenya East has long been associated with the Alliance Party of Kenya – known as the” Mbus Party “.

Many leaders from the region competed through the outfit the 2013 elections before merging in 2017 to join the Jubilee Year 2017.

Former Embu Senator Lenny Kivuti, who seeks to succeed Governor Martin Wambora, is among the leaders eager to to revive the party for 2022 bargains.

Governor Murungi said earlier that he would like a regional party that is independent of the control of its counterparts from Mt Kenya West.

He said, her plan is to have an outfit, the President Uhuru. survived The Jubilee Party led by Kenyatta urged their colleagues to support the decision.

“We want to be independent. We are not talking about the Uhuru government that we support. Jubilee will be a weak party in the next elections. We are looking for the Uhuru regime, “said the governor.

” We say that we as a region have to be in the next government. We have to be where the heads of state and government share the national cake. ”

The judgment actually paved the way for Watson Kimathi, Rael Murungi, Joseph Kipwambok, Njagi M’Muga, Eunice Karema, Emilio Mureithi Kathuri, Ruth Nkoroi, Pamela Gitobu, Mutuma Dennis, Joseph Mulongo and Zeyruq Ahmed Sheik are running 12 as current RBK officials.

The tribunal also rejected the prayers, party documents by former official Charles Jakait (former general secretary) and to repossess chairman Solomon Ouko.

“They further failed to demonstrate the reality of the alleged risk that said political party is likely to be exposed to if left in the hands of the defendants.”

The court concluded that it was not convinced that the complainant met the requirements for the issuance of an injunction.

The court also dismissed. It was prayed for Publication of the Official Journal, i n which the changes were notified.

She also pointed out that RBK was not a party in the proceedings itself and would therefore probably not be affected by the requested orders.

That Tribunal said the risk that the party’s operations would stall if the interim officials were expelled from office was unfounded.

It was a crucial time in the electoral cycle, the political party said, as did others that were appropriate to prepare for and participate in the 2022 elections.

“While we know that complainants have certain complaints, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that it is not clear how the party is controlled, we should confirm the interim orders in the meantime, “said the court.

” We are therefore of the considered opinion and accordingly note that the weighing of expediency is not in favor of the complainant a it falls. “