Jan 27, 2022

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Murgor sisters Cheryll and Stephanie reject cash offer from Ndichu twins

Your attorney, Phillip Murgor, says he has so far been approached by three delegate attorneys, including a Makueni MP, with offers of undisclosed money and an out-of-court settlement for the assault incident that occurred in the Ole Sereni Hotel last month.

His customers are Cheryll (24) and Stephanie Murgor (22) along with their employees Samuel Ramdas and Patrick Koech. They claim to have been attacked by twins Paul and Eddie Ndichu and Munira Hassan at the hotel on the morning of October 17th.

“We turned down the money offers because why should we monetize a crime? She would have should begin to apologize publicly and acknowledge that their actions were wrong, “says attorney Murgor.

The attorney adds that the Ndichu brothers immediately after the incident Sh110,000 via Mpesa to Ramdas sent but they did the transaction. The information was also recorded by police at Akila Police Station.

Later on October 26, the Ndichu brothers, who are also co-founders of fintech company Wapi Pay, called for a meeting through their attorney to resolve the matter amicably.

Another rejected offer by the Ndichu brothers was to finance or reimburse the cost of repairing Mr. Ramdas’ car that was damaged during the scuffle.

< Ndichus' attorney, Njenga Kiarie, informed Mr. Murgor that the brothers were willing to pay the cost of repairing the car. Mr. Kiarie said in the letter: "Our customers are still suggesting that they take the said vehicle to their preferred workshop or, alternatively, when the same has been repaired, that we fully reimburse the sums incurred. In the meantime, ours is being extended." an olive branch to your clients to allow a meeting at the earliest possible time to finally resolve the matter. "

The proposed meeting did not take place because lawyer Murgor first requested an” ambiguous apology “.

“We have politely denied advances, advising that it is in the public interest to take the case to court,” said Murgor.

The attorney said his clients are now criminal Prosecution of their attacker for bodily harm and malicious damage to property.

According to Section 250 of the Criminal Code, an offense of ordinary bodily harm is punishable by a one-year prison sentence, while Section 339 (1) recommends a five-year prison sentence for persons who are malicious Found guilty of damage to property.

Mr Murgor alleges that there have been attempts by the police to frustrate the judicial process and resolve the matter ting against his clients after the proposed mediation failed.

“On November 19th, a strange development happened when I received a call from the deputy DCIO Langata asking me to be our client Presenting Cheryl and Patrick, taking a testimony and giving them fingerprints, and they would be charged with the crime of brawling along with Munira Hassan, “Murgor said.

Mr Murgor asked the Director of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to request the file and give instructions how the brawl offense should be investigated in the light of the self-defense statements made by Cheryl and Patrick in the previously recorded statements.

The attorney also sent a 66-page letter to the DPP in which the Video recordings of the hotel of the incident were analyzed.

In the letter he also attached her statements, applicable laws and photo printouts.