Aug 1, 2021

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Muturi: Commonwealth Parliamentary Association not a charitable body

At a meeting of the CPA-Africa Region Executive Committee on Sunday, it was announced that the association was created by the UK Charities Commission Act, which reduces it to a not-for-profit organization.

But African parliaments , the members of the association say that the work of Parliament is not charitable, so the UK government must take the lead in reviewing the law in order for CPA International to enjoy its rightful legal status.

“It is not fair that a body that brings together so many national and sub-national parliaments should be registered as a charitable organization, “said Justin Muturi, spokesman for the National Assembly of Kenya.

” CPA is committed to supporting the Human rights one, good governance, accountability and parliamentary democracy. These are not charitable issues. We want the CPA to have the same legal status as the Commonwealth Secretariat, ”he added in his speech during the closing ceremony of the board meeting.


The association founded in 1911 brings brings together parliamentarians and parliamentarians from over 180 national, state, provincial and territorial parliaments and legislatures across the Commonwealth through its network.

The CPA Africa regional body brings together 18 national parliaments and 63 subnational legislatures.

It was formed under the Charities Commissions Act of 1968, which gave it legal status.

Although the association is international in nature, the law by which it was established has limitations on what can do it as it does not have diplomatic status.

For example, CPA staff deployed in London or elsewhere are facing great challenges demands in their service, as they are subject to restrictions on their action or cannot do so.

“We want the CPA g It has the same status as the Secretariat,” said Spokesman Muturi, referring to the body, which coordinates the activities of the executive branch of governments that are members of the Commonwealth.

Getting Brexit out of the way

The matter was first raised when a legislature passed a motion in the subnational parliament of 2013 Gauteng submitted.

However, the change in the law was undermined by domestic political challenges as Britain sought to leave the European Union.

“With Brexit out of the way, we need ours In my opinion, raise the question of the legal status of the CPA. “

British law provides for this in the event that a charity is dissolved, its finances are under charities in Ver United Kingdom.

Mr. Muturi warned that this legal status placed the association in a precarious position, given that these colonies are participating in charities in Britain.

“We brought the case to the UK government and we were told that the relevant minister was pursuing the matter, ”he said.

Mr. Muturi, who chaired the committee, gave the coat to Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila , the Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives.

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