Jan 23, 2022

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Mwakenya ghosts haunt Murgor in his bid for CJ job

Mr. Murgor was a freshman at the University of Nairobi in 1982 when he was arrested along with 60 others for allegedly participating in demonstrations that the government of Daniel Arap Moi believed in support of the coup attempt.

Mr Murgor, the fifth candidate interviewed by the JSC, said yesterday that he had been charged and locked in “stinking smelly cells in what is now the magnificent Supreme Court Museum”.

Eight years Mr. Murgor later turned down several vacancies from top law firms to become a prosecutor. This time he was hired to prosecute a suspected architect George Anyona and others from the Mwakenya movement for controversial confessions.

Mr. Anyona was one of the fighters in the pursuit of multi-party politics. When the activist and politician was charged with sedition in 1990, he insisted that a confession in the court record had been obtained through violent beatings in the notorious torture chambers of Nyayo.

Curious trajectory

To one of the interviewers, Judge David Majanja The Passage of the Harsh state treatment to prosecute activists on behalf of the government has been a strange path.

But Mr. Murgor insisted he act professionally throughout the Anyona trial and throughout his tenure as a prosecutor.

“I was following a case. The fact that I had a similar or dissimilar experience has no bearing. I now take responsibility f for a customer. I was a professional, I worked in the state law firm, “said Mr. Murgor to Majanja Justice.

He thought this was a lawyer, his duty is to the client who was the government of Kenya in 1990. He added that he had acted diligently in all cases he handled as prosecutor in Nairobi and Kisumu.

At the state law firm, Mr. Murgor met his wife Agnes, who is now an appeals judge, and he left Moved into private practice in 1992 and founded Murgor & Murgor Advocates with his wife.

Mr. Murgor briefly returned to prosecute the state in 2003 after Mwai Kibaki succeeded Mr. Moi and served The veteran attorney said yesterday that he would use the dispute settlement with the executive branch to resolve the stalemate in hiring additional judges in order to reduce the backlog and workload in the judiciary while serving in various cartels Weed out lb of the judicial system to ensure justice always prevails.

Disputes and rivalries between the hopeful Chief Justice and Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi emerged in the five-hour interview.

Mr. Havi had written to the JSC and challenged Mr. Murgor’s suitability for the job as Chief Justice due to a failed attempt by the Goldenberg scandal architect Kamlesh Pattni for the murder of the German citizen Friedrich, who was shot in his house in Tigoni in 1994 Convict Wilhelm Kohlwes.

Mr. Kohlwes was Mr. Pattni’s chief security officer, and witnesses said they heard an argument between the two just before the former was shot.

The Supreme Court Justice Jessie Lesiit dismissed the lawsuit after ruling that Mr Murgor’s team brought a case based on theories but couldn’t find anything substantive Prove against Mr Pattni.

Succession dispute

Mr Murgor insisted that he had been prosecuted well and accused Justice Lesiit of closing the case before hearing from a key member Witness who was transported to Kenya by Interpol at the time.

He said that both complaints were filed by Mr Havi without adequate information, adding that the LSK president had a bone with him.

“It’s another bogus complaint from Mr. Havi. There has been no complaint from Pattni or his lawyers. He has no correct information or understanding … Mr. Havi has malice for me,” said Mr. Murgor.

When defending a complaint from his cousins ​​about an active succession dispute, Mr. Murgor said he had taken the case because no other lawyer represented the women of the affected family who are now at risk to be disinherited.

“I always take a stand on people who harass or take possession of someone else’s property. They are poor and destitute. I will represent them. I will fight for a woman, I will fight for a widow, I’ll fight for a girl for free, “he added. Interestingly, Mr Pattni’s defense team has been led by another hopeful Chief Justice, Fred Ngatia, who will face the panel next Tuesday.

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