Mar 22, 2023

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‘My son-in-law scammed me in Sh20m house deal’

When Mrs. Fahima Mohamed Shali was approached by her then-son-in-law Fahmy Salim Said about an irresistible home buying deal in 2019, she was thrilled.

The deal would have culminated in the purchase of a property worth Sh20 million.

Mr Salim, aware that his mother-in-law was on the Looking for a home to buy and quickly suggested the Mombasa property that was for sale.

“I told him I would consider the property if it would have sold for less than Sh20 million,” Ms Shali told Shanzu Chief Justice Florence Macharia.

Days later, the woman and Mr Salim left to the Nyali site to view the property. Ms Shali told the court Mr Salim called a real estate agent and after negotiations an agreement was reached to buy it for Sh20 million. They agreed that the money would be deposited into the agent’s account with his solicitor.

“I should deposit 10 million Sh and then the balance every week until payment pay full. I had the money and I was ready to pay,” she said. However, Mr Salim advised her to deposit only 5 million shillings and keep the other half for payment after a week. She was convinced and did exactly as she was advised, unaware that Mr. Salim had other plans.


Days later, before she who was able to deposit Sh5 million, Mr Salim visited her and told her he had deposited a check for Sh5.5 million at her solicitor’s office.

“He said me to give him the 5 million Sh in cash while he had some urgent business out of the country to attend to. I trusted him so I gave him the money,” the woman said.

He is said to have explained to his mother-in-law that his account was dormant because the Kenyan tax authorities had it disabled. According to the woman, Salim told her his account had 15 million shillings.

After receiving the money, Salim continued on his journey.

“I went to the bank to deposit the checks but they were declined. I was told the account was dormant,” she explained.

She quickly reached out to Salim, who assured her that the checks would be accepted once his account was closed reactivated.

Issues with KRA

“He said he was having problems with KRA because of a large amount of money in his account, but assured me he was.” solved the problem,” she said. When Mr. Salim returned, the woman confronted him about the problem, but he promised it would be dealt with. He asked for an additional Sh700,000 to allow KRA to reactivate his account.

“He told me that KRA required the money before activating his account,” explained you. and added that she gave him the money. Even after she spent that money, the woman explained that Salim did not keep his promise but engaged her in a cut-and-mouse game.

You went to a solicitor, Mr Lawrence Obonyo, to sign an agreement on how to repay the 5.5 million shillings.

According to the agreement, the money was due October 2019 be fully refunded Here Salim gave the woman six checks in dollars, but they all returned.

“Both the DTB and Stanbic banks told me that Salim’s account rest,” she said. adding that Salim kept promising to refund her money until she got tired.

She reported the matter to the police and Salim was arrested and tried in a court in Shanzu charged.


“All I want is my money back. I worked for it, I have no other problem with him,” the woman said, adding that Salim broke up with her daughter.


Salim’s attorney, Jared Magolo, said in court that his client did not owe the woman any money and that she was bitter that he broke up with her daughter.

„ He doesn’t owe you anything. I want to tell you that you are bitter about Salim’s failed relationship with your daughter,” Magolo said.

Ms. Shali maintained her testimony during cross-examination and announced that she has filed a civil suit to recover more than Sh6 million from Salim.

Salim faces multiple charges of fraudulently receiving more than Sh10 million and has written bad checks to number of people, including his mother-in-law. He has pleaded not guilty.

He is also charged with writing bad checks to Ms. Shali for $9,999.

He is also accused of cheating businessman Esmail Noor out of four Samsung phones worth Sh$420,000.

He is also accused of defrauding Nabill Salim cheated out of Sh$650,000 in a plasterboard scam. The suspect is also accused of writing bounced checks to Khamis Salim for Sh690,000.

The hearing resumes on June 28.