Nov 28, 2021

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Ndichu brothers seek out of court settlement

In a letter to Senior Counsel Philip Murgor, Cheryl and Stephanie’s attorney, the twins are also ready to repair the car they allegedly damaged during the scuffle.

The argument at Ole Sereni Hotel resulted in a key partner pulling out of a contract with Wapi Pay, a company they founded.

The brothers urged Murgor to suggest a date when they could meet and resolve the issues .

But Murgor said his customers, who are also his nieces, would prefer “the law to run its course”.

“Our customers suggest that said motor vehicle The two brothers said about Amadi & Associates Advocates.

After the dispute, the Japanese venture capital company Kepple Africa Ventures withdrew from the partner shinad said in a tweet. Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Stephanie Murgor said they were in Attended a wedding after party that fateful night when they were attacked by the Ndichu brothers. However, the twin brothers issued a statement rejecting the assault allegations, claiming they would end a fight.

“To be clear, Paul and Eddie got involved in an attempt to neutralize a confrontation between two women and defend against certain attackers, “Wapi Pay said in the statement.

The value of Kepple Africa Ventures ‘investment in the twins’ company is not clear, but the company is one of Wapi’s key supporters Pay. Others include EchoVC and the China-based global fund MSA Capital, as well as other angel investors.

In August of this year, Wapi Pay, which also operates in Singapore, raised $ 2.2 million (approx. $ 250 million) pre-launch funding round from investors to help regulators find licenses across Africa and drive the company’s expansion.